Oh dear, Stephen Baldwin interview-must be read to be believed

Jesus is like, totally bummed dude, that you’re like, a spokesman for him.

Some of the better quotes:

Oy. The Pope’s got nothing on this guy.


What? He seems just as knowledgable as many of the good christians I’ve met.

Hey, God loves stupid people, too.

And he makes a great argument for not doing those things he used to do. Um, leading by bad example?

I watched a bit of him being interviewed by Matt Lauer this morning (all I could stand). He said that Bono could do more good, by preaching the gospel, than he’s doing now in his efforts to fight poverty and AIDS. That was enough for me.

Didn’t this exact thing happen on The Colbert Report to a Congressman who was saying the Ten Commandments should be posted in schools? Funny shit. :smiley:

Come on, Guin, this interview is a hoax. Radar is kind of like The Onion. It’s satire.


I mean, it’s gotta be. It’s just gotta!


Dude, that’s comedy gold.

I had such fun reading that interview that I’m going to go out and get an 8-ball of blow tonight and go crazy!

SB on Tom Cruise:

Sorry dude, he’s straight.