Oh Jesus!

Ya just gotta go to askjesus . Put in the SD. I was on the floor.

is on April 15th. Do you have what it takes?

“Immaculately Conceived columns”? ROTFLMAO!

For something even funnier, enter “www.leftbehind.com” Be sure to click on the link to the next page!

You’ve got a point there, brother - and one of these days I’m going to figure out what it is. - Cecil Adams

Okay…I don’t usually say LOL…but god…LOL!

That is the funniest thing…I’ve been spending lots of time putting in every URL I can think of…MSNBC was funny too.

Where ever did you find that?



Manyy, how do you find this stuff? I’m in awe.

Don’t be sexist. The broads hate that.

Terribly funny.
Terribly funny.
Terribly funny.
Terribly funny.
Terribly funny.
Terribly funny.

I did it until my roommate made me go to bed.

Terribly funny.
Terribly funny.

It’s what’s for dinner.
Brought to you by IATeALeC*
*Indiana Academy Teen Association for the Legalization of Cannibalism.

i just ran one of my own pages through, and apparently:

-i scar with GOD’s help
-i don’t like the sound of sinners eating
-i beget an electric shock feeling in mine forehead whenneth i beget scared in a flash of light
-i usedst to maketh unto songs and tape Satan
-i don’t like to be wished “righteous luck” whenneth luck hath goddamn this part
-i love begetting immaculately conceived toiletries
-i hath never riden the damn purgatory bus as a way to get to school
-i wentst to the Land Begotten of a Goat for a three week exchange
-i don’t like raisins cooked unto miracles
-i feed off Jew enthusiasm

oh, thank you manny!! :slight_smile:

“Organs gross me out. That’s organs, not orgasms.”
-the wallster

Although I truly enjoy the tweak it puts on the posts in the religious threads in GD, the fact remains that there are some extremely sick individuals out there with far too much free time.

That is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Spammed all my friends with the link.

You have got to put in the SD and go to MPSIMS to Wally’s sig line thread. The sig lines are pricless. They had me crying! In fact, I went to the “Ask the Gay Guy” thread (incidentally, they replace “Gay” with “Priest” :wink: ) and I am stealing someone’s modified quote.

Next time I covet thine opinion, I’ll ask for it.

“You don’t have insurance? Well, just have a seat and someone will be with you after you die.” --Yes, another quality sig custom created by Wally!

Great stuff! Wish I had time to play with it this morning…

From my “Rock 'n Roll for the Attentionally Endowed” thread: (posted by B_Line 12)

God is my co-pilot. Blame Him.


I had to quit doing this at my desk–my laughing was starting to get me in trouble!

::wipes tear from eye::

damn, that’s funny… :smiley:

Ignorant since 1972

Funny stuff, manny.

In the spirit of Zippy.

Had me almost in tears this morning. Just what I needed to wake up, still adjusting to losing that damn hour.

Pork is not a verb.

I’m glad you guys all think it’s funny–I think it’s deeply scary. Who ARE these people? I clicked on the “Take the Death Test” but then I was truly afraid to follow through, for fear I’d get on some demented e-mail list.

Is this legal? How do they do it, anyway? I put in pbs.org, and I’m sorry but I didn’t think it was funny, just scary. Plus I got an error message that said “error on page”. Are they messing up everybody’s web pages by doing this scrambling-thing?

Sign me,


My one consolation is that at least they don’t know where I live…The wonderful thing about America, I guess, is that is gives people like this the freedom to be walking around loose. “Uncle Joe” Stalin would have had them shot.

Just a thought… :rolleyes:

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!” - the White Queen

Oh, that’s priceless. My religous friends will love it. THANK YOU!


Ask the Gay Guy!

There may be a link or two here that describes how it works.

Pork is not a verb.

Thou shalt try this unholy URL for thy finest chuckles.

Punch in www.landoverbaptist.org

Thanks for the link, Psycat90, but even if it’s legal, and has been around for a while, I still think it’s tacky, at the very least.

Here’s a quote from the “testimonials” at the bottom of the link:

Glad it’s not me… :frowning:

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!” - the White Queen

Uncle, please tell me that site is a gag. PLEASE.


Ask the Gay Guy!

Americhrist presents a strict, artistic satire in the Swift tradition. A Modest Proposal that takes no prisoners and has proven itself to be without question, effective and precise. After four years on the internet, Landover Baptist has fast become one of the most popular parodies ever made, with a worldwide viewership of over 7.8 million, 750,000 plus hits a week, and over 50 certified internet fan clubs…
It’s a parody Esprix, like The Onion.

I’m such a spoil sport. :wink:

Pork is not a verb.

{WHEW!} I did catch the disclaimer after I posted that.

Personally, I want to be Betty Bowers!


Ask the Gay Guy!