Please tell me this site is a joke

Everything about that site is just wrong.


Yes, it is. But there ARE some genuine fundamentalist sites that are that bizarre.

I hate to ridicule anyone’s beliefs, but this is just insane.

Apparently, tampons are “Satan’s little cotton fingers.” So a group of women are driving around the country, gathering (i.e. stealing) tampons, and bringing them back home for a big ole bonfire.


"Due to the nature of this event, the roasting of hot dogs will be prohibited for obvious reasons. "

I’m almost positive it’s done by the same folks who run, which is quite decidedly satire. It’s fake.

Lord I hope so.

I’ve been whooooooooshed…BIG TIME:

“The Landover Baptist Church is a complete work of fiction. It is a satire/parody.”


When you’re almost certain something is satire, but there’s such outrageous real stuff floating around that you can’t be sure, does that mean it’s good satire?

The WWJD thong kinda gave it away, though!

teehee. I’m glad I’m not the last one to get fooled by this.


A tip for you guys:

When the “What Would Jesus Do” Thong is advertised at the bottom of the page, you can probably rest assured that the site is not for real.

I don’t wanna imply that ya’ll are stupid, but…uh…hm.