Oh lord. I AM fat.

I was asked when my due date was today.

I’m not pregnant.

Since she was genuinely excited about my non-existant fetus, I was nice and just told her I was about 3 months along. I have no idea if that is accurate to my size. From the look on her face, I think not.

I don’t know. A stick-thin coworker once came to my desk, horrified that someone in the elevator had just asked her when her due date was. I had to reassure her that she was, in fact, stick-thin.

People are just weird and nosy.

Somebody asked me that once. Granted, I had suddenly gone from stick thin to stick thin with belly fat.

Ever since then my boyfriend asks sometimes when our fat baby will be born. He’s suggested some names - Squeal is one I remember best.

I had to do some paperwork with my bank’s branch manager a few months ago. She was about 7 months pregnant at the time.

I was so afraid of somehow being wrong that she was pregnant and offending her figure by congratulating her, that I didn’t say anything. It wasn’t until she brought it up that I said cheers.

I figured I would have felt worse about being wrong than I would have felt about not saying anything at all…I guess not everyone thinks that far ahead :slight_smile:

At least the nosy inquisitor got your gender right. Once after Mass a visiting priest came up to me and asked “Son, have you ever considered the priesthood might be your vocation?” I didn’t think I was masculine-looking. :rolleyes: I told him my gender might be an issue for the Church.


That is why I always heed the advice I was given when I was just a wee lad. That advice was ‘unless you SEE a head coming out of the woman, you never EVER ask her if she is pregnant’. It is advice that has kept me alive these many years.

You weren’t wearing one of those empire-waisted shirts, were you?I can’t remember where I read this, but some fashion snarker said that the proper accessory for that type of shirt is a negative pregnancy test. Because they make EVERYONE look pregnant.

In my opinion, and I’m probably wrong, at 3 months, the average woman isn’t showing much. She may be wearing baggy clothes, or elastic waistbands, but really, you are far more likely to know she’s pregnant by listening to her than by looking at her.

You usually start to show around the 5 to 6 month range, unless you’re Sarah Palin. : P

Good piece of advice: never ask a women if she is pregnant unless you see the baby coming out.

Yeah, even if I’m 99% certain that a woman is pregnant (pregnant bigness looks different than fat bigness in most individuals; I’m sure most would agree), I don’t ever assume because I really don’t want to be wrong that 1% of the time. Unless she says something obvious or hints in that way, keep your mouth shut is my rule.

I was 95% sure a new employee was pregnant a few months ago. She seems… not to be. I mean, I was so sure I’d have asked when she was due if it wasn’t for me and the fat baby Squeal.

If the baby is part way out is she pregnant?


You could say “We don’t have a date yet”. That’s somewhat accurate.

I’m pretty sure I can generally tell when a woman is pregnant vs. fat, but the chance is always there that she WAS pregnant, and hasn’t lost any weight yet, or, most horrible of all, that she IS pregnant, but with a nonviable fetus that she has to carry to term or an unwanted baby or something else that’s none of my business and a very sore subject.

Best to err on the side of keeping my mouth shut, I think.

The man/woman of the street isn’t always as astute as he/she might be. I was asked if I was pregnant when I was 55 years old, weighed 114 lbs on my 5’7" frame. My blouse/top might have been a loose cut, I don’t remember.

I still can’t decide whether that was a compliment or an insult.

Don’t let it bother you, FilmGeek, some people suck megaliths.

Someone once asked me the same thing…

I’m a man.

People are stupid. The correct response when someone asks you about a pregnancy you don’t have is to say, “I’m not pregnant” so they feel as bad as you do and they might think twice before doing it again. (Yes, this has happened to me, and yes, it did make me cry. People need to keep their stupid mouths shut.)

From someone who enjoys a bit of meat on the bones, I ask for photographic evidence.

Thank you.

Just a little bit.