Oh, my God! Did anybody else see that skanky Christina Aguilera video?

I was watching MTV this morning, and I happened to tune in to an episode of “Making the Video”. I figured that I’d watch it, because I haven’t heard anything at all about Christina Aguilera in a while, so I was mildly curious as to what she’s been up to. So, she’s talking about her new album, and how all the songs on it are “a little piece of her” and how we’re all supposed to learn about her as a person (insert hallmark card here) by listening to this album. Well, after watching 'Dirty" I’ve learned that Christina is a skankier ho than Britney Spears could ever be. I mean, through half the song, she’s wearing a nasty pair of pink underwear that’s stuck up her ass. Pretty gross stuff. But, apparently , I seem to be the only person who’s seen it.

Ah, Christina. Pride of Wexford, PA.

'Burgh dopers know just what I mean.

Oh, I wouldn’t say that.

I haven’t seen the video, but you can find the stills here: Dirrty
You have to click on “Click here for images from the video.”

sigh The infomercials for those Girls Gone Wild cassettes aren’t nearly as…as…well, as whatever it is that video was.

I saw the same Making the Video for that dumb thing, and it just seemed so pathetic on her part:


Like Michael Jackson’s Bad, it just comes across as pitious.

I still recall laughing hysterically while watching last year’s Grammies- remember how Christina, Pink, & friends accepted their Grammy for “Lady Marmalade”? All of them were dressed in these incredibly “skank ho” outfits… but during their speeches, they all came off like little junior high girls, babbling how they wanted to thank God and their mommies!

“I owe this all to you, Mom, I love you”

Mom must have been soooooo proud, too!

That’s funny. I had heard she was from Butler, PA. She made more sense to me coming from there. (no offense, those of you from Butler…)

I DLd this just because of this thread and I love it! This video is hilarious, especially the beginning.

DJ: Dirty!..

CA: [sub]dirty[/sub]

DJ: Filthy!..[sub] filthy… filthy… filthy[/sub]

DJ: Nasty!..

CA: [sub]yeaahh[/sub]