Oh, my heart! I got an interview!

My heart is beating a million miles an hour. I got an interview for my dream job! Here’s an excerpt of the position description:

The hiring manager has requested writing samples. “A variety of writing samples,” were her exact words. I have a bunch of material to choose from… Any advice, guys? Work-wise, I have procedures I’ve written, an award write-up that was complimented and monthly management letters. Personally, I have papers I’ve written for school, Christmas letters (creatively funny ones) and some creative writing… My husband and I had a web site that is no longer up. I wonder if I could get it up in time because that would really showcase my creativity and HTML skills.

I want this job so bad I can taste it. I’m trying not to hang my entire life on this position; I know that it won’t be the last time I get a chance to do work in this field. But this is the first time I’ve seen a writing-specific position advertised in my company.

Advice? Words of encouragement? Prayers?

No advice for you but lots and lots of congrats and prayers.

Go get em tiger!

Good luck!

Big thanks to bittersweet, bowert, Algernon, alterego, Bongmaster, Gravity, Cervaise, Jodi, jackelope, jjiimm, and Scuba_Ben for their help with my “Enthusiasm Letters” this thread. I think I got this interview because of the second letter I sent out.

Thank you so much, my dear Doper friends. I lubs ya.

By the way, the interview is on Monday.

Best of luck to you, Gazelle! :slight_smile:

Well done!

Good luck. I hope you get the job. It sounds great.

Make sure to let us know how the interview goes.

Wonderful! May I suggest that you do include one of your Christmas letters as a writing sample? If you’re anything like my wonderfully creative sister, your letters (or “tacky tavelogues”, as we call them) are a great sample of your creative writing style. You have a chance here to show off all of your sides - and looks like you’ll need it to be intriguing. Everyone else will be throwing in their dry business writing (my specialty), but here’s your chance to really stand out. Doesn’t sound like they limited the quantity for your writing style sample either. Do you have a particular SDMB post that you’d like to include? (with editing probably)

Anyway, congratulations! I’ve read quite a few of your posts, and I think you’d be great at that job.


We can flood his email box with a couple of dozen personal recommendations if you’d like.

bowert, you sweetie! What a wonderful compliment. Thank you so much for that; you made my day. I’ll take your advice and run with it.

lieubaby, I lubs ya.

What an awesome sounding job, gazelle! What a great opportunity. I’ll keep my fingers, toes and other assorted body parts crossed for you til Monday*.

  • I may have to uncross them to perform a few bodily functions, but I promise I’ll cross them back again quickly. *

Much good luck to ya, Gazelle. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Salem! Don’t hurt yourself with all that crossing. :smiley:

Bosdababy, I guess it can’t go as badly as your interview day did yesterday. Poor wittle Bosdie. :slight_smile: Thanks for the well wishes.

Hello friends! Gotta little update. The interview was yesterday and I think it went well. Met with the hiring manager first, then with two of her directs. The hiring manager told me that the “enthusiasm letter” got me in the door; that she had already finished interviewing and everything!

I don’t know if that’s a good or bad sign. I’m hoping that our meeting yesterday put me in contention.

She’s pretty serious about the ability to write; had me edit and re-write a letter after the interview and leave it with the receptionist. She also gave me some “homework.” I’m supposed to write a letter to the employees from the president which introduces the employee newsletter. It’s due tomorrow.

I’m crossing all available body parts; this job just sounds so perfect.

Thanks again for all of your help!

“I don’t know if that’s a good or bad sign.”
I’d take it as a good sign.

“I’m crossing all available body parts;”
My mental image of this is hilarious.

Best of luck Gazelle. I truly hope you get the job.

Good luck. If you really want a job in marketing, I do work at the biggest ad agency in the city, ya know. I could certainly tip you off to any openings. But really, that’s moot, since you rocked on the interview and will get your dream job. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself too busy to post here anymore though, so I’ll make whatever attempts at sabotage that I can.

Okay. I won’t.

Mentally sending those good vibrations to you Gazelle.

Ah, sounds like she’s testing your ability to write under pressure/deadline. You’re good there - I know you don’t spend days working on posts here (do you? no…).

Best wishes!

Nursie, you’re a silly boy.
rrrrrrrrrrrrubesbaby, bring your butt to the DopeLunch on Friday!
bowert, you’re a sweetie-weetie.

Did I tell you that if I get this job, I’ll no longer be downtown? Yep, St. Louis Park. Longer commute, but well worth it. Might have to bite the bullet and finally buy a second car… El Hubbo and I have always shared one.

Good luck to ya, Gazelle. Sounds like a great opportunity.