Oh noes! Hillary has pneumonia! She can't be president!

For Pete’s sake, FDR was in a freaking wheelchair. Can’t we pick something a little more relevant to natter on about? Like foreign policy or health care or whether pigs have wings?

Does this really belong in MPSIMS?

It isn’t so much that Hillary was sick. It’s yet another case of her and her handlers lying. In this case the tried to hide then minimize the illness.

Because they knew no matter what, this irrelevant piece of info would be blown out of proportion by Trump and Alex Jones and Rush, et al. I assume the hope was that she could soldier through with anti-biotics and no one would need to know.

It’s sad that the the right wing has made the bullshit about her health such a BFD that she felt the need to hide her pneumonia diagnosis and keep on trucking or risk being attacked.

Did we know George HW Bush had stomach flu before he barfed on the Prime Minister of Japan?

Well, the Prime Minister sure didn’t…

No it doesn’t. Since there is already a many paged thread in Elections on the subject I’m closing this.