What if Hillary took one for the team?

And admitted her health had failed her and she dropped out?

BUT, she endorsed her VP Tim Kaine to be President?

I have no doubt Kaine would win and still Hillary could go on her way with her head held high and still be honored as one of the greatest women in history.

What do you all think?

Her health isn’t failing her.

Now if you’d like to discuss Trumpy Wumpy’s MENTAL health, we’ll need a bigger Internet.

I think you’re being disingenuous in suggesting she do that for the good of the democrats or America.

Ha! Do you work for NBC? :smiley:

Seriously though, go peddle your alt-right bullshit somewhere else.

I don’t know what we all think.

What I think is that wherever the OP is getting his news about Mrs. Clinton’s health, he is being seriously misinformed.


We think that since you’re a Trump supporter your opinion on anything can be disregarded.

Even if Hillary were dying from Malignant Throat Chlamydia - why would she drop out? She’s winning comfortably. Go ahead and get the win, then, when she kicks it, Kaine takes over anyway. Ditching before the finish line is way riskier.

That even *you *recognize your party’s nominee can’t via persuasion about the issues or qualifications.

And that you have no better chance against Kaine anyway.

Is this a concern poll?

Even if she was dying, Hillary Clinton can’t quit. She’s doing something too important. She’s keeping Donald Trump out of the White House.

Made me chuckle.

Suppose Clinton did drop out. Who would Kaine pick? Warren? Sanders? Any pollsters around to tell us how Kaine-Warren or Kaine-Sanders fares against Trump-Pence?

Any reason he couldn’t pick Bill Clinton?

The original post is pretty silly, but really, folks, is this where we’re at, where the responses are rife with personal attacks and cutesy skirtings of the rules?

OP: your OP is predicated on the idea that Clinton’s health is failing her. The only claims of such that I’ve seen are supported by extremely shaky evidence. Do you have anything better than rumor and innuendo to support this premise?

What if Trump dropped out for being a nudnik?

Pence could run as a far-right anti-woman anti-labor reactionary-slash-failed Governor of a shitty state, and lose in a landslide.

What do you all think?

Hillary has been taking one for the team repeatedly as long as she’s been in the public eye. And she has not even had to repeatedly get back up, as she has not been knocked down by any of the hits. It’s kind of admirable. I think I’ll vote for her and not Trump.

The Constitution, but we can probably fudge around that.

He already served two terms as President, and therefore is ineligble to serve as VP.

I think that anyone with any knowledge whatsoever of your political leanings might have serious doubts about your sincerity when it comes to how the Democrats(and Clinton in particular) might fare better in the coming election.