Oh slightly bother the company processing subscriptions for The Economist and New Scientist

As the title perhaps conveys this is not a big … deal but an aggravation every time my subscription to one of these journals needs renewing.

There is a timely reminder per e-mail with a link for online renewal but* they are making a good effort to make it look like a phishing mail* - the link goes to a domain registered to an US company with no obvious connection to the publisher. In the case of the last Economist renewal e-mail they even went so far as to have the visible link text saying the URL was at economistsubs.com but the actual link was to ionmx.com

So, no being that reckless, I don’t renew online.

A few days later, a letter asking me to renew. I reply by return of post, only to receive (typically) during the next two months a string of letters, in a tone of increasing urgency, asking me to renew. These seem to continue even after my credit card has been charged (which happens weeks after they had received my letter - apparently they cannot be bothered to timely enter the data). Shortly after the last letter saying my subscription now expires - delivery duly continues. At least that works.

If you’re all worried about the emails, why not go straight to the magazine’s website, and click on the link that says “Renew my subscription”?

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The SDMB’s weekly email does the same thing now. Curse them! Their old email service didn’t do that.

A lot of businesses do this trick, to their shame.