Oh sweet, sweet justice!

He’s leaving. He’s finally leaving.

Granted, nothing’s official. Of course. But the South Bend Tribune backs up this Blue & Gold Illustrated article reporting that Bob Davie is expected to be fired in the next couple days. Obviously, if it does happen, it will come either Saturday after the Purdue game, or on Sunday.

I’m so damn happy, I may piss my pants. This man is a 100% moron. He’s singlehandedly lost so many games in his five years, I’ve lost count. He has no concept of what it means to be the head coach of Irish Football, and he has no notion of the history that he muddies the shoulders of which he stands upon. He is a disgrace, he is a bum, he is an idiot. And thankfully (hopefully), he is gone.

I’m sure I’ll be back in the next 48 hours with some decent confirmation. And mods, if this degenerates, please feel free to move it to the Pit (not that you need my permission).