Ohio Housewarming! 8/21/04! OH/KY/IN/WV/PA/MD/VA/DC Et al...

Yep, we’re doing it again!

Please come to our official house warming in Marietta, OH on Saturday, August 21, 2004.

Food, drink and fun will be provided all around!

Also debuting at this little get together will be Gwendolyn Rose Chance, all things going well.

So what’s the thought? Will people come out to meet the Chances now that they’ve moved States?



It looks like I’m going to be in Columbus either that week, or the week before. If I’m in Columbus, then yeah, it’s no problem. Maybe I’ll even bring friends.

On the other hand, if I just made the drive back the week before, it’s a little less certain. Virginia to anywhere in Ohio is a long-ass drive.

If I’m not in Canada, we may make it.

:eek: What??? After you abandoned us and left me to do the heavy lifting here as default MAD hostess??? :mad:

Of course I’ll try to make it, and I’ll even drive the MAD Bozo Bus so that others can come, too. Can we set up tents in the ballroom? :smiley:

It’s not quite THAT big.

But sleeping bags would be OK. And I think I can negotiate a block discount at the local comfort inn.

What’s everyone want for food?

I’m in if I can catch a ride on Anita’s MAD Bozo Bus!

Leave Virginia to go to Ohio? On purpose? You MUST be joking.

Hey, what can I say, man?

The offered me a two minute commute and wheelbarrows full of money.

What would YOU do?

Make sure they were specific about the dimensions of the wheelbarrows! :smiley:

Let me see if I can talk my wife into letting me abandon her for that weekend. (I think the chances that she’ll attend are slim and none. She likes you guys, but isn’t keen on large parties or long car trips.)

Even though that weekend is the one my lifelong best friends from England and California are going to be at the National Coin Show in PIttsburgh, and will no doubt stay with me in Akron, I plan on being there. With my beard.

WITH the beard? Now I know we’re special!

What about the rest of the Ohio crowd? I want to meet you all!

I’ll go! I’ll go!

My first Ohio Dopefest! Yay! Email me about it – I’ll be there!

Oh, don’t worry. You’ll get your invite to the big hoodoo, no worries there.

But be careful, children. I played in front of an audience for the first time in years yesterday.

And I liked it.

So, then, just before I move to Maryland, within reach of your legendary Halloween party, you leave. Going to your place in Va would have been quite the trek - going to Ohio is nigh on to impossible.

I’m certain you planned this deliberately. And here I thought you wuz my friend…


You thought he was your friend? How you sink I feel? fizzy and I have our first week of class the Monday following that! We’re going to be exhausted, one way or another, though I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to get her to sign on for “going to Ohio the day before our first class at a new school”.

380 miles deter you?? For an OH dopefest, people fly in from Chicago. :smiley:

And at my Halloween parties (which I can’t have here in Ohio) people have come from as far as Texas, California and Sweden!

Hitch a ride in one of the vans!

If I’m not having surgery that week, I think that might be fun! I’ll see if Lillith Fair wants to tag along…she’s got the cool car.

Say what now?

I may be in Portsmouth, OH/Ashland, KY at about that time. Since it’s, compared to Carson City, NV, in the neighborhood I’d like to stop by. Never having been to a Dopefest it would be nice to sample the waters.

Keep us posted, and vice-versa.