OK, burned out on the politics again...

After a LOT of thought about political matters lately (see my GD threads), I’ve decided (again) I’ve had enough. I’ve already deleted at least one blog from my Firefox address bar, and may do it to more. And this a blog of MY general political bent!

It’s just stress I don’t need or want. I know it’s important stuff, but the steady drumbeat is just wearing me down.

Y’know, as I’m thinking about this, I have a feeling I’m not alone on this, and may answer a question I’ve wondered about whether and how much partisan blogs accurately reflect the general voter thought and mood on their side of the aisle. If they don’t, it’s because of moments like mine all across the country. Or else, they never have that moment because they don’t bother with the subject to begin with…

I always hate it when one of my threads dies with no response, so I figured I’d jump in.

One can burn out on anything. Sameness builds up until suddenly one realizes, “I’m bored and unhappy!”

Personally, I’m burned out on Sudoku and cooking-related TV. There have been times when I’ve burned out on reading fiction. Eventually I might cycle back.

I don’t do the blog thing or really, the news thing so much. That helps a lot.

I’m cutting back too. Reading/watching more and more political news just gets me worked up. :frowning: