OK. Can we make that the last of the goddamn planes to come down on NYC this year?

Enough. Fate, God, Terrorists, Cigarette Smoking Man, what-the-fuck-ever has control over this shit: Enough is E-fucking-nuff. It’s like I’m watching a movie where New York is getting pounded, only I can smell the explosions from my house. Please, give us an uneventful Holiday season. I just want to chill . . .

DaLovin’ Dj


I’ll drink to that.


If I never hear a news anchor say “all bridges and tunnels into the city are closed” again it’ll be too damn soon.

How’sa 'bout no planes ANYWHERE coming down for the rest of the year. I’ll drink to that!

The Onion, when it came back from hiatus after 9/11, had the headline, “Life turns into bad Jerry Bruckheimer movie.” Would that make this the crappy sequel with the same plot that isn’t as big as the original?

The indubitable Hamadryad shared this link with me in my LJ, and it pretty much sums it up: An Open Letter to God.

Here’s hoping…

Please. Pretty please.

Definitely. I’m getting tired of wincing every time I hear the words “…New York City today…”

And I’m VERY tired of it being the first thing I see on the news.

I’d like to go back to my old conception of NYC as an intersting place I’d like to visit, but only briefly - no slam to NYCers, I’m just a small town boy. But I’d like to think of it as THE Big City, not as a tragic place.

Ugh… I wonder who will be the first to call this one God’s vengeance – Falwell or bin Laden? :frowning: