OK, joining the US . . . let's settle this once and for all

What countries or territories would like to join the US . . . Show of hands? Anyone? And which ones could really make a go of it joining the benevolent empire?

I strongly suspect that Canada’s Maritime Territories would be first in line, followed by Malta; Thatcher’s England (the way Tony’s going, you’re going to be subsumed within one superstate or another, boys); most of Australia; Canada’s other territories excepting Quebec and the Yukon; Mexico’s northern states (possibly in a confederacy with Texas); and Baja California.

Any comments, notes of approval, or objections? I would really like to see some additional stars on Old Glory in my lifetime.

I’m from the Netherlands. Where do I sign to let us join your Glorious Country as the latest state?


I knew I’d forgotton one! I’m sure that die Niederlaender must have some secret misgivings in cosying up to those Sieg-Heiling bicycle thieves to the east in a Continental superstate. Not to mention being on equal par with the Belgians. All I’m doing is offering an alternative.

Come join us . . .

I’ve always got the impression that a lot of your citizens would like to be part of my country.

The sun never sets on the Irish Empire :wink:

What, you propose our reunification with the Mother Country at this late date?

I BEG your pardon? I am sure this is not a very decent way to describe Germans, now is it?

Asshole. Be gone.

Zarathustra at the very least we could show you how to throw a decent Paddy’s Day .

Hey Coldy,
How 'bout we join the Netherlands? Or would we all have to wear wooden footwear? If you pointed all your windmills in the same direction, do you think you could sail over here and conquer us? I’m all for it, Dutch beer at domestic prices! Whoo Hoo!

What about a Irish-North American confederation, then? But since you know England will be joining us sooner or later, you’re not offering because you smell an opportunity for revenge, are you?

Ah, hell, help us set up draft Guiness over here, and we’ll turn your eastern neighbors into a parking lot. Pleased to oblige.

Zarathustra WTF man . You’re really got a strange grasp on national sterotypes . The Dutch think the German’s are Nazi’s and the Irish want England flattened .

Grow up. You do know what this MB is all about right ?
I like the whole Dutch thing . I’d even wear clogs :wink:

Sorry if I was a little over the top, yojimbo. However, I’ve met quite a few Irish IRL who do have a bit of a problem with the English, and I know that quite a few of my old Dutch mates had a real problem with the Germans. Where do you think I heard about the bicycles? Shouldn’t have made any assumptions about your own opinions, though, yojimbo, so again, sorry.

THAT BEING SAID, I think that part of what this MB has been about, and what the Internet in general has been about, is a bland papering over of real differences in backgrounds, opinions, and ideals. I’m OK, you’re OK, and we’re all the same, right? Anyway, my great great grandfather and your great great grandfather were probably neighbors, so no hard feelings, eh?

Fair enough Zarathustra . FTR I would class myself as Nationalist and I do have issues with past events in my country as I’m sure a lot of Dutch people have . It’s just not really a joking matter . Remember there are English posters to this board and also at least one ex-British army poster who could know people who were killed (I know this may seem OTT but it can be a very sensitive subject in this part of the world) .

Anyway I don’t want to hijack your thread so I’ll stop now .

No hard feelings :slight_smile:

OK, so I’ve demonstrated the serious limitations of American education and tact; embarrased to find myself as exhibit A in that regard. All the same, don’t we have any takers? I’m still hoping to hear from Baja California.

And? As long as we relocate the English somewhere first, we can hand it over to the Irish immigrants in Scotland.


I can just see it - a joint Irish-Scottish army marching together into London, singing songs as they carry the Stone of St. Andrews over their heads…

Oh, was I daydreaming? Sorry about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mexico. As Gahllager once said, if we’re gonna have the people, we might as well have the property too. It would pretty much solve that whole ‘ilegal immigrant’ problem.

Common knowledge, maybe?

In any case, I wouldn’t rely too much on those Dutch “mates” of yours if they were the same guys that told you “die Niederlaender” was Dutch. Just goes to show that ignorance is a worldwide phenomenon, I suppose - today, Dutch people calling the Germans Nazis are rare, but unfortunately not extinct. It seems to be this sort of folk that becomes “mates” with Zarathustra, for some reason.

Any current animosity between Dutch and German people stems from football, not the war. At least, among intelligent people :rolleyes:

Coldfire, through your silence I note your tacit agreement with my comment on the Belgians.

I can understand that your thinking is a little confused on this, Zarathustra. You see, the thing is Europeans of different nations deal with each other on a very regular basis, particularly if they work or live in a major city. Hence, we all dealt with the kind of stuff I think you’re talking about a long time ago.

The fact is, you deal with people as individuals not as examples of national stereotype. The latter perception is more appropriate for an unsophisticated, teenage, inexperienced and naïve individual and has little resonance in the world we all now live in. Europe - individuals, corporations, States and relationships thereof - is far more complex in character than it appears you have grasped.I hope you one day own a passport and get to see how the world really is.

Very nice, London_Calling. Having been in situations involving business people from all parts of Europe, I would agree with your assesment. I like the gentle touch you use with Zarathustra, since I do not believe he is basically evil.

Hey, do we (yanks) get to invite anyone to join? If so, I nominate Hawaii. A lovely place, really, all those palm trees…wait, that’s already a state. Nevermind.

But we DO have the property! Or at least half of it, including the entire territories of Tejas, Alta California, Nuevo Méjico, etc. :smiley:

And if, as the OP mentions, Sonora, Chihuahua and Nuevo León wanted to form a confederacy with Texas, what makes you think Texas wouldn’t rather lead them all in forming their very own United Estados of the Rio Grande/Bravo?

To be serious for a moment, the only places anywhere outside the 50 + DC that union to the US is favored over independence are those that are already US Territories. And of these right now the only one where support of Statehood, proper, is a major political force is Puerto Rico. It’s about at 46% of the electorate, and it seems about the only way to get a mandate in the near future (say during the 2001-2005 presidential term) would be if Congress imposed a “join, or be cut off altogether” kind of choice.