Ok, so is this genetic?

So my first son had this down pat, and his twin siblings are getting the hang of it. I’m not talking about going rigid when you need them to go limp and vice versa.

No, I’m talking about cutting loose the second the old diaper is off and out of reach.

Why? Why must they do this? The wall behind the change table bears witness to the apparent competition between my infant son and daughter as to who can pee the furthest and for the longest time.

Is it in the genes? Or do they take their instructions telepathically from some maniacal overfiend that has nothing better to do?

It’s genetic, but only in the sense of the age old curse, “May you have children that are just like you!”

But seriously, I think that all children, or at least male children, do this.

The newfound freedom is quite liberating.

If it makes you feel any better, I did it to my mom when I was a wee (pardon the pun) gal. Both my brothers did it, too. My mother had a way of avoiding getting sprayed. As soon as she got one diaper off, she had a fresh one in her other hand and whipped it into place to block the spray. I hope that helps.

I had a very unfortunate accident about two years ago. As I took off my daughter’s diaper, she had the urge to do a number two. She was just a couple of weeks old, so it was the thin runny stuff. It shot out of her behind like lightning, and landed all over the wall THREE FEET AWAY. Poor sweetie had no idea why I was crying and killing myself laughing at the same time. I have photos. You would not believe.

Girls don’t have the do the fresh air peeing thing as often as boys do. I’ve only had it happen once.

Thank you, thank for reminding me why I do NOT want children in my life. :smiley:

As a WAG, I think you’ll find that it is something to do with the contrast of temperature: as the old warm snug nappy is removed, the colder air stimulates the nerve endings in the ‘nether regions’ thus encouraging the need to take a piddle.

Oh, and don’t believe the old wives tales that only boys can pee long-distance. :smiley:

It actually makes a lot of sense for someone who can’t stand up. You get wet and sticky and cold from pee inside the diaper, so it makes sense to let it go when the diaper’s off.

[baby logic]
Mommy will catch it.
[/baby logic]