ok, so who else writes dirty fiction?

Help me out will ya? I need something to read!

jarbabyj was kind enough to email me(woot! thanks again!), now I KNOW there are more writers out there, it doesnt even have to be dirty stories…

Comeon dopers - LINK ME! :smiley:

I’ve written ONE.

I’m going to write more.

If your email on here is accurate, you’ll be getting it shortly. :smiley:

Which is why it’s such a pity that your email ISN’T LISTED!

(teach ME to post before I’ve finished my second cup of coffee…mutter mutter…guess I’ll have to put the damned thing online eventually.)

I write dirty Buffy fiction. :smiley:

You can get to it through my webpage. My stuff is under the penname of Firedrake, but I also highly recommend the other authors I have archived there.

And yeah, Jar has some nice stuff.




Let me change a few of the the names and dates in my journal. And do a little editing for clarity. Might take awhile - quite a bit of nostalgia in there :smiley:

Oh, you wanted fiction. Still want the journal?


I am eager to read anyting at all - I am BORED out of my GOURD


Who knows, maybe some secret dopers on there!

There is also a very good site for Wolverine X-fiction (X-men) but its down for redesign at the moment! :frowning:

Hamadryad, you can send Kellibelli “The Chair” if you like. You have it on your site, don’t you?

I write Buffy fanfic. Actually, I write Willow/Tara fanfic. Imagine that, ‘slash’ fiction about a canon couple! How can you go wrong?

I post these stories on a board of other W/T ‘shippers’, so the good feedback I get, one had to take with a grain of salt (naturally, the ego-boost I get is not a consideration, no, never, never. :slight_smile: )

If you really want to read it, go here: http://pub106.ezboard.com/fthekittenthewitchesandthebadwardrobe36671frm11.showMessage?topicID=138.topic

The board is called The Kitten, the Witches and the Bad Wardrobe. Hey, I told you it was a Willow/Tara board.

Hammy literally made my toes curl.

Bobkitty, I am not a real buffy fan, but I read quite a bit and the scene where willow and angel - well, that was rather well done! Grrrrowl

Thanks! I will read some more buffy from home later.

Synnic - thanks for the link! I havent read any yet because of the adult pop ups and I am on a school (college) computer. I will read it when I get home for sure! It looks very promising

Cheffy! I meant to tell you I checked out your site, I love it, you are such a doll. I read the doughnuts entry today and GUFFAWED at my desk, the class thinks I am a petard.

Knowing Cheffy, I bet he writes stuff that would make me slide off my chair!

Screech-owl I would love to read the journal :slight_smile:
I have to wonder, WHY am I torturing myself!??!

Well. I’ve decied that I’m going to be a romance novelist. So I’m practicing writing dirty fiction. I don’t have anything online, but anyone can e-mail me (DeiketLady@aol.com) and I’ll be more’n happy to send a sample, or do a custom story (yeah, my friends like these a lot…)

I do! My stuff might actually be considered more “porn” than erotica, though. It’s definitely not soft.

And when I combine it with horror, it gets very twisted. :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to send you a link to one of my stories if you’re still reading.


still reading!
Emailing Deiket, and DarkWriter - bring it on!

if you would be so kind dopers, i would love to read some of your stuff and comment on it.


thanks :slight_smile:

I was right about cheffie.

Good lord.