Ok, ten thousand posts might be a problem

Just visited the good old Clusterfuck thread. Skypist replied to it, which triggered an auto-lock because threads may not have more than 10,000 posts it them. Is that fixable, or do we just have to adapt?

NOOOOOOO! We cannot lose that thread!

Just started a new thread in the BBQ pit, just in case we have to start anew.

There aren’t many threads like that, but I’d consider it a moderately significant issue. Navigation through very long threads is actually not a problem – you just move the scrollbar. Oddly, it doesn’t seem to put you where you think it should, but turning the scrollwheel afterwards immediately does. But having a thread autolock after 10,000 posts or whatever is a Bad Thing and perhaps a bug.

Long ago people were complaining that the Clusterfuck thread was too long, so I started a new one and people had a hissy fit. I decided to look for that one again, and Google finds it, but the forum software says it doesn’t exist or is private. So that’s some sort of bug.

Hm. All my bookmarks do the same. All dead links.

@TubaDiva yeah, so if you don’t want all

your long threads to auto-close, you must change

the auto_close_topics_post_count setting

Okay, found the setting. Changed it.

Re-Opened the closed thread that was creating so much angst.

Changed the maximum character count in a post while I ws at it.

Hope this makes things better. Sorry about that.

your humble TubaDiva

Awesome thanks TubaDiva

What is the maximum now?

Well, my manifesto is 200,000 characters, so keep that in consideration.

I still see this thread and the SRIOTD threads as locked.

Made-Up, False and Flat-out Wrong Trivia in the Thread Games (among others over there) section is closed too. Oddly, it looks like it closed, was reopened recently, then closed again.

TubaDiva keeps trying to fix that, then she posts in the thread to test and it locks again.

I have a terrible feeling that the auto_close_topics_post_count setting (or whatever it might be called) may just be a way for admins to set a lower bound on the number of posts per thread, but that 10,000 might be a maximum hardcoded into the Discourse software. Any further word on this? Not a showstopper, but yet another annoying problem. As I said earlier, we don’t have many threads that exceed this limit, but the ones that do are obviously popular threads that have existed for a long time.

Yeah, there are a half-dozen Thread Games posts over 10K that were active on the old thread. Any chance they can remove that cap?

Makes sense to me. You obviously want to automatically close all the most popular threads, right? Why didn’t we think of this before?

So you can open a new thread with the same (or similar) topic. Don’t you know “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”?