OK to ask about a blog?

There is a (quite popular) blog I follow which lately isn’t being updated frequently neither by the person who runs it nor by the other contributors and I am curious as to what, if anything, has happened.

Is it OK to start a thread to ask if anybody has heard anything, and if it is, should I put it in IMHO or MPSIMS?

I honestly can’t think where I could look to find out this info.

It’s difficult to answer without knowing what blog you are referring to. I don’t think that most blogs would be a problem, but there are of course blogs on certain topics that would just cause the thread here to degenerate into a complete mess just because of the topics discussed on that blog. If the blog isn’t related to a controversial topic then it’s probably not an issue.

MPSIMS would likely be the best place for it, but again, the blog’s subject matter could potentially make a difference.

The best thing to do would be to contact the MPSIMS mods. Let them know what you want to post and what subjects the blog discusses.

Thank you, it’s not at all controversial, will ask the MPSIMS mods ASAP!