Ok to start new monthly threads on Trump and Clinton campaigns?

In Elections, I’d like to suggest that there be monthly threads on both the Trump and Clinton campaigns. In the Game Room, there’s a monthly thread on MLB and the NHL as well as weekly threads on the NFL.

The current Clinton and Trump threads are already quite lengthy and the general election campaigns are just getting started. Monthly threads would keep the discussion more manageable as well as be more inviting to those who don’t hang out in Elections often but want to jump in during this presidential election campaign.

I would not object. Probably a good idea.

Go forth. Discuss.

The previous month’s thread gets closed when the new one is started?

I wouldn’t think it needs to be closed automatically, just let it die a natural death. That’s what happens with the Game Room baseball and hockey monthly threads. Someone starts a new one and links to it in the previous month’s thread.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea but I don’t know that it’s necessary. The campaign is only another 3 months long, give or take.

The Trump campaign thread is 51 pages and is almost 3 months old (started 3 May 2016).

The Clinton campaign thread is 8 pages long and is also about 3 months old (started 4 May 2016).

I don’t think either of these is unwieldy altho the Trump thread certainly has long legs.

I don’t think we need 3 more Trump campaign threads and 3 more Clinton campaign threads to keep discussions civil and on-track but I could see just having one big “2016 POTUS campaign” thread and I don’t have a problem with one 50-60 page thread; I think it would ultimately make finding old posts about things easier if there was just the one thread to look thru. OTOH, then you have to remember when things happened because you’d be sifting thru two different news-foci all mashed together.

But I don’t think breaking it up into 3 threads would so greatly compromise things as to make the discussions unpalatable.
Just my $.02, eh.

OK, but after the election, can we round up all those threads and deport them? :slight_smile:

Are we going to make the posters pay for their own deportations?

Only after we get China to agree to currency adjustments.

We can make that the “gold standard” for a lot of threads.

OK – that may may have just been for Sam and I. But I still like it. :slight_smile:

Oh; and the general idea in the OP? It would make for slightly easier reading I would think.