Okay. I admit it. I watch Joan of Arcadia

I know. A teenage girl who sees God. :rolleyes: How glurgy.

I never watched Touched by an Angel or the Michael Landon angel show.

But it was on Fridays. Nothing else was on, so I tuned in.

I admit it. I love this show!

It’s cute, the interaction between the parents and the teenaged kids is wonderful, and the actress who plays Joan is great.

There are some moments where you have to suspend belief (like how does Kevin get up and down the stairs in his wheelchair?) but they don’t overdo the God thing. He pops in (once as Mrs Landingham!) and has Joan do bizarre errands.

Apply for a job at a bookstore. Build a boat. Sign up for AP chem. Try out for cheerleading. Have a yard sale.

And there’s not really a direct correlation between the errand boat and the end results either. There are twists and turns and lessons Joan learns along the way.

Like trying out for cheerleading led to a better appreciation of what friendship is.

Like building a boat led to the reconciliation of her brother and her father.

Like having a yard sale led to her mother opening up about a traumatic event in her past.

Very nice show, not too sugary. I’m going to keep watching it.

So there.

I’m watching too, Ivylass, along with my daughter. It’s really a very well done show, imo and last night’s offering was one of the best so far–the storylines interwove and focused mainly on Joan.

I’m loving the interaction with the AP Chem group–I mean Joan’s group, that is. Adam has such a heavy crush on Joan that he can’t even call her Joan, he calls her Jane. :wink: And this week we got to see more of Joan’s younger brother, Luke. The scene with Luke and Kevin (about moose and elks …) was a hoot and well done. The topic of the show was a sensitive one (an abandoned newborn) but was handled in a sensitive manner without being heavy-handed.

I think there is some kind of lift that Kevin uses to get up the stairs, Ivylass–I’ve seen glimpses of it. I too had been wondering how he got up and down stairs in the wheelchair.

Glad to know that my daughter and I aren’t the only ones on SDMB watching this great show. And might I just add that Amber Tamblyn rocks? :slight_smile:

Me, neither. Glurge City.

There’s an elevator/chair thing. You see it sometimes when they’re on the steps. He must have a second wheelchair for the second floor.

I agree! And it takes place in Maryland, where I live! I’m convinced Arcadia is supposed to be standing in for Towson, which is where I grew up.
I watch it with my 15-year-old daughter. Kind of nice little bonding time for us.

I watch it too, haven’t missed an episode yet. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it’s done, and that it isn’t Touched by an Angel for Teens.

I’m watching it too, which is odd considering I’m not the demographic I assume they’re aiming for: twenty-one year old male (atheist).

I like it though. Especially the interweaving of each episode’s storyline threads and how it handles God without coming off as preachy.

Well, then.

I am not such a freak.

I think I will start a weekly Joan of Arcadia thread so we can discuss.

I loved Joan’s cheer at the end…and poor Adam. His heart is so plainly on his sleeve it’s amazing Joan doesn’t see it.

And my daughter loves Grace. “She rocks!”

I too am far from the Joan demographic (30 year old male), but I am pleasantly surprised that I like the show. My one complaint is that I wish they would ditch the dull police procedural portion of the show. I am not tuning in to watch a much worse version of NYPD Blue. I noticed that last night had less of that so there is hope.

My wife was really interested, so I tried to watch it. I must have a much lower glurge threshold than you guys.

So did I. I wish I’d taped it so I could watch it over a couple more times. It went by too fast.

That cheer was excellent. I really enjoy the show, and I even tape it for Aesiron.

I am a pessimistic, atheist, 22-year old male, and I reluctantly admit that I watch this show. It’s just the right amount of cornball with the occasional good dramatic moment.

I really wonder how important one’s spiritual leanings are in order to truly enjoy the show. Several people have mentioned they’re athiests, as if that should be a factor to consider regarding the show’s target demographic. Granted, the show is about “God”, but in the same way “The West Wing” is about politics. I believe one could be apolitical, or even a Republican, and still enjoy “The West Wing”, because it’s a show about relationships.

In the same way, I think that “Joan of Arcadia” is hardly about religion. It only uses the “God” character as a springboard into other issues. One could be any religion (except perhaps a fundementalist Christian), and still enjoy the show for what it is…

She also tried out for cheerleading because that led her mother to answer the phone and recognize the voice and find the mother of the abandoned baby…

Yeah, I watch it to.

I’m an atheistic-agnostic, 25 y/o female.

I like the show because it’s about relationships too. I also loved the conversation between the two brothers (moose/elk). It’s kind of reminscent of My So Called Life, and so I fear it may receive the same fate. At times, I’m also reminded of one of my other favorite shows, Picket Fences.

I’m also so far outside of the demographic target that it is not funny and really enjoy the show except for one thing…

Does anyone besides me think that the cop stuff really doesn’t work? It just seems like it should be in a completely different show. I think you could have a perfectly decent series about the adventures of Joe Matagna, small town police chief (I wouldn’t watch it, but it could be OK) but the police storylines always seem like a distraction that throws off the pace and focus of the show.

Does anyone else have the same problem?

I missed it this week–I was trick or treating. I agree the cop bit doesn’t belong; the story pretty much grinds to a halt in the police segments.

I make no apologies for watching–it’s a well-crafted show with some fine actors, especially the kids.

Well, her father is Chief of Police. It sets up some interesting dynamics, like his passion for finding rapists but not discussing those cases at home, and having a disagreement with his wife at the school regarding a list of “bad” girls.

It is a bit clunky, and I hope they do a better job weaving the storylines together. I just don’t want it to turn into a “Joan helps her father solve a murder by running an obscure errand for God” thing.


I’m shocked. No, really. :wink: