Okay, I'll pit josejones.

[url=http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=298842]I devirginized an 18 y/o and she begged for more and it’s okay that I cheated on my wife because everything’s so complicated!"

Are you a scumbag, or just an idiot? Or are you a lying sack of shit?

The thing is, if you hadn’t already presented yourself as a married man with a daughter only two years older than your Little Flower, you would have gotten very few negative comments, if any. There are plenty of people on this board who’ve posted about relationships, or self-contained sexual encounters, where there’s an age gap, and I don’t remember anyone having a problem with that. The issue is not the girl’s age vs. yours; it’s the fact that you’re supposedly married.

Although I’m certain that if you’d said she was underage, you would first have been greeted with a wave of “What were you THINKING, man?!”, and if you’d then responded with your “What’s the big deal?”, a second wave of acrimony would have swept you right off the board.

And don’t give me this horseshit about your marriage being “complicated”. If the story is true, and if you’re really married, I wonder if it’s really so complicated from your wife’s POV. Maybe she knows you’re a scumbag; maybe this isn’t the first time you’ve cheated on her, but merely the first time you felt compelled to do some public chest-beating. Or maybe you’re a complete idiot, thinking your actions were justified and there will never be any repercussions.

And in case you start claiming “open marriage”, again assuming that you really porked an 18 y/o and you’re married, that doesn’t sound like the case, In that case, you would have mentioned your wife’s feelings on the matter. If she doesn’t know, then it’s not an open marriage; it’s just cheating.

Of course, none of this may be true—neither the wife nor the 18 y/o. In which case, why would you make up such a story? Really, I’m wondering.



I’m going to hop on the bullshit wagon. There are more modest “hay guys i stuck it in a girl” threads coming from 20 year olds at the Something Awful forums.

And on a related note… Sup goons? :downs:

Off topic, but WTF is that?

An emoticon the SA boards depicting some poor soul afflicted with downs syndrome???

Fuck PC and all that, but if my guess is correct, that’s just rude.

Yes, a smiley with down syndrome (directed at myself). I’m sorry if you were offended; my sense of what is and isn’t offensive is a bit distorted.


Godfuckingdammit, I think I blew a funny fuse.

Here’s :downs:. I’m only posting it because it may not be as bad as you had imagined.

That’s where my vote is.

Duh. It’s the internet. It’s serious business.

Oh wait, it isn’t. Sometimes people like to tug other’s chains around here, and I think this is no exception. Just with this guy, you can smell his bullshit a mile away.

It’s made up, and I’ll tell you me reason.

He’s copied and pasted it from somewhere that uses a different font as it’s defaust text, and his copy and paste has brought the formatting with it.



All you have to do is put in a font tag. You can even use the drop down from the editor.

Defaust? Well, if he sold his soul to the devil, surely barely-legal nookie would be part of the bargain!

I know, but why would someone do that for their first post, but not for their subsequent ones? My bet is on a copy and paste.

In and of itself it doesn’t prove it’s fake, but IMO it just adds to the reasons why it’s BS.

Unless I’m missing something, you have to use a font tag if you want a different font. A paste only preserves the plain text, not any special formatting.

My guess? All three.

Exactly. The font proves precisely nothing.

Depends where he copied from, and if he edited it in Word first.

Right, but vBulletin wouldn’t recognize any extraneous information; it sees only the text. He’d still have to manually insert the font tags.

C’mon guys! this sort of thing happens all the time; there was that time I worked as a central heating engineer and this blonde model called me late at night to fix her system because her husband was away.

I got there and the heating system had been on full blast all day - the place was like an oven, so had to take of my boiler suit. Right away, the woman noticed my firm muscles and caressed my arms, then she started panting and asked if she could hold my tools…


It’s possible that as it was a long post, he wrote it out on Word first. As it seems to tie in rather nicely with this thread

I suspect he may just have been trying out his literary skills.