Okay, this is weird: Netflix

Due to unforeseen circumstances, my bank balance is in the hole. My Netflix account got cut off a couple of days ago, since the billing didn’t go through. Because my bank account was in the hole.

So it was something of a surprise to receive an e-mail tonight, with the subject line, “Problem solved”.

“We successfully processed your VISA ending in XXXXXXXXXX”

And holy crap, I can watch Netflix again.

WTF happened? My bank account (I pay with a debit card) is still $100 in the hole. Why did Netflix let me back in?

Christmas miracle?

They may have charged it as a credit.

The charge went through but it hasn’t cleared the bank yet. I predict in a couple of days your Netflix will be cut off again.

Overdraft protection? If so, that could be some expensive TV. I’d turn it off until I was sure I had the funds for it to clear.

No, Netflix tried to charge my bank account and failed. A couple days ago. I literally don’t have the money to pay for Netflix … yet they send me this “Problem Solved” e-mail …

Maybe you are paying around $45/mo for Netflix now.

I’d be careful and double check with the bank. Me not having any money in my account never stopped my bank from processing a request and charging me $25 (or whatever it was) for the overdraft back in my less financially prudent days.

Figured it out: my direct deposit paycheck showed up in my account sooner than I expected, and took care of it. I guess I was just surprised that Netflix kept trying after the first fail.

They try a few times maybe once per day, then they send an email saying they have given up.