Oklahoma DopeFest

As you know, Qadgop the Mercotan and Madame Mercotan will be in Oklahoma for a conference the second week in August and this calls for…


One of the ideas put forward is that we all meet here in Stillwater at Eskimo Joe’s for the gathering (bring money for T-shirts:) ). Our esteemed guest of honor is planning a pilgrimage to Yale, former home of his grandmother, and Stillwater is on his way.

The date will be Friday, August 10.

We need a headcount for those that can make it and we need to decide on a time. Qadgop is free all day.

Evening is best for me, though anytime is doable, but evening is also Joe’s busiest time.

I’m in. I’m flexible on the time (assuming my work schedule doesn’t change).

I’m out. That’s my birthday, and I’ve already got other plans set. Shit.

Phooey, don Jamie. But Happy Birthday!

People who are coming can email me at antonia@cowyboy.net to get directions if you need them.

Count me in.

Happy Birthday, don Jaime!

OK, I’m holding back tears as I write this! I went to school at Oklahoma State back when…
[li] Cordell hall was still a dormatory![/li][li] You only had to be 18 to drink beer in Oklahoma. (I think that’s changed now, right?)[/li][li] Jimmy Johnson was the head coach of the football team.[/li][li] Insert another useless fact here…[/li][/ul]
Too bad I live in Atlanta now, I’d love to go! I haven’t been there for 15 years or so!

Ahh the good 'ol days.

Definitly. :slight_smile:

We’ll think of you while we’re at Joe’s. If you show up for the Doper gathering at Dragon*Con, I’ll even bring you something.

OK, now you’ve piqued my interest. What/Where is Dragon*Con?


How long have you lived in Atlanta?

Dragon*Con is a huge sci-fi convention in Atlanta.

A few of us are going this year and are planning a get together during it.

Now, where are the rest of the Oklahoma Dopers?

Hello, gorgeous!
Long time, no flirt.

Thanks, all! I’ll raise a glass to you!

And, Scott, I’m not that kind of a boy!

Pictures! We at Dragon-COn want to see pictures, Arden! Have a real OK time and hoist one for me.

Well, you know I can’t.

Could one of you who is going to be attending please grope Arden for me? Thanks. :smiley:

heh. Persephone, you’re such a minx.

Verrain, you’ll see me two weeks later. You don’t need no stinkin’ pictures.

Hel-llllooo, sailor!

Not of you! I’ll be selling those after Dragon-Con. :smiley:

I meant pictures of the rest of the Dopers and the general debauchery so those of us at Dragon-Con will know what we missed.

Prelim headcount:

Ginko, will you still have your Ginkette with you? I could make Jr. Ranger dress like a normal child and bring her along or you could bring Ginkette by my place and let them hang out while we’re at Joe’s.

sewalk, are you bringing a guest?

It is most likely that I’ll be unaccompanied. I’m not dating right now and my best friend (who is now trolling occasionally when he comes over to use my second workstation) will have his kids that weekend. My mom likes the columns but I can’t get her interested in the message boards. Too bad, since I get my sense of humor from her. She’d fit right in around here.

Well, Mrs. Mercotan and I plan to be there! We’ll spend the early part of the day joyously visiting Yale, legendary childhood home of my grandma, where all the children were patient, obedient, quiet, and never bothered the grown-ups, and were happy if they had a piece of string to play with! Of course I note she moved away from there the first chance she got.

Then to the Underwood cemetary, to gaze and the final resting places of two of my antecedents.

Then we’ll proceed to Stillwater, and visit local libraries and courthouses, looking up old land records, obituaries, and dust bowl memorabilia.

Thru it all, I’ll be taking notes, photos, and wearing my trusty pith helmet with the solar panel and the electric fan on it! Who says I have no fashion sense?

And finally, Eskimo Mo’s, to quaff a few root beers in happy cameraderie, with all and sundry. I shiver with anticipation!


[qoute]Eskimo Mo’s

Well, the rest of us will be at Eskimo Joe’s. :smiley: