"old dogs are the best dogs"- a Gene Weingarten essay

I think I have something in my eye…

Crap. Must be a lot of dust in the air around here. Or something.

Damn workmen should dampen that dust and grit down. It’s getting everywhere!

  • rubs eyes *

Beautiful in it’s truth. And my allergies also seem to be acting up right now.

Can I request that any of you Dopers who have old dogs (or young dogs, for that matter, or cats, or other furry or feathered friends) go give them a hug right now?

NinjaChick: I give my old girl hugs every morning, every night before bed and many times over the course of an average evening. She turned 10 a couple of weeks ago, and she’s had some health scares in the past couple of years, so I resolved quite awhile back that if nothing else, I would show that big old mutt every chance I could I love her almost as much as she loves me.

No person can ever love a good dog as much as good dogs love their people. It’s our primary failing as a species.

Already done it. And I’ve given the daft, old thing a chew-stick. My dog-god status has just been elevated at least a notch or two. Dogs are so easy to satisfy. :slight_smile: