Old-ish TV shows that have faded into obscurity. Or were just cancelled.

OK, FINE, so it IS a spinoff of this thread: Missing TV characters.

But what are some old-ish TV shows (circa 10 years old or younger) that were halfway decent, but aren’t on any longer?

Family Matters, Step-By-Step (both on ABC), Clarissa Explains it All, GUTS (ugh! Nickelodeon). Anyone else?

These are GOOD shows??? How old are you, 12?

16, actually. And I said halfway DECENT, not good.

Not EVEN close. Those shows sucked. Every last one.

The other night I had a weird hankering to watch some Family Ties re-runs, but as far as I know, it’s not showing anywhere.

Then, from my Embarassing Teen Years file:

I really wish I could find the cartoon Jem and the Holograms. I have such found memories of that show. I know, that if I were to see it today I’d broughtly shake my head in shame, but still…

I just found out that old Soap reruns are airing here. I haven’t seen that show since it went off the air.

Danger Theatre
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose

These are Brit Coms but I’m not sure if they still air new episodes (I highly doubt it)

Keeping up Appearances
The Thin Blue Line
Red Dwarf
Are you being Served?

Clarissa Explains it All wasn’t so bad…it was better than Sabrina!

I remember Jem…Jem, Jem is truly Outrageous! Truly truly truly outrageous!
And remember SheRa, Princess of Power?

Police Squad! (precursor to The Naked Gun moves, and every one a gem)

Men Into Space – the most neglected science fiction TV show ever – yet it was well done, low key, and “hard” sf

Weekend – the show that Saturay Night Live replaced. A late-night “60 Mnutes” with wit and attitude, hosted by Llord Dobbins and the wonderful Linda Ellerbe.

21st Century – the show that 60 Minutes replaced. A one hour preview of the future – good even if a lot of it was placed by publicity hacks for the military-industrial complex

Family Ties can be seen on TBS in early AM. It hasn’t aged well, IMHO.

Here are some stupid nickelodeon ones:Hey dude(I’m ashamed I remember this one), Welcome Freshman, Salute Your shorts(right on!),

What about parker lewis can’t lose?
How about ALF?(good though, Alf is god)

Maybe some more later

Splu Urtaf


   Those Brit-coms ceased in the late eighties and early nineties I think....
    God, The Bucket Woman is my mother-in-law!

Fawlty Towers, Mr. Bean and the hilarious Young Ones were great!

Red Dwarf is still being made. A good show that got canceled was TV Nation.

Anyone remember the TV writers’ strike in 1980? The networks had to dredge up a lot of unaired series tryouts to fill airtime. I saw some very odd stuff that year.

Sifl and Olly Kicked ass when it was on MTV. Then they cancelled it. What a lame idea to cancel such an entertaining show.

Heh, Jem…my younger brother’s initials just happen to be JEM–ooh boy did he get it for that one…

And yes, TV Nation was great. Especially when NBC (I think) picked it up for all of about 2 weeks before realizing just what they’d gotten :slight_smile:

Cal, you invaded my memories with your list.

Police Squad! always began with a quick celebrity cameo. One was supposed to air beginning with a corpse played by John Belushi being carted off to an ambulance, except Mr B became a real corpse a few days before the broadcast.

Men Into Space was great. I remember it being on very early Saturday morning, after the Air Force documentaries and before the cartoons.

Weekend was a good one. I had a crush on Linda Ellerbee then, anyway, and was disappointed when it got cancelled. But do you remember the Saturday Night Live of the early seventies? A variety show on ABC, hosted by the multi-talented Howard Cossell.

Battlestar Galactica.

Man, I loved that show!

As for Linda Ellerbee, she’s just as great a writer as she is on the air. Anyone read her books? I have. They’re awesome.

We are fortunate to be able to watch that bucket woman every night after being served if we wish.

If I am lucky I catch Dwarf on weekends as well as Python.

All In The Family airs every afternoon here.

Battlestar Galactica was one of my favs and it has started airing on the weekend. “How could we know the future would look so much like the seventies” is one of the lines in the promos… I love it.

It’s nice to see that some people won’t let some of the very best in television fade away…

Yeah, Sifl and Olly was one of the most unique and funny shows on TV and now it’s gone :frowning: I remember I used to watch Perfect Strangers back in the 80s, with Bronson Pinchot. I don’t know what ever happened to that, but I thought it was good back then (of course I was like 6 at the time).