"Old lady" hair care products. Q for hair stylists.

I need to know what kind of rollers to ask for when I call the beauty supply shop. It’s the type that are gray & black, and they have little fingers protruding from them. They’re not rigid, but not like the spongy snap rollers. In fact, they sora look like miniature round brushes. And you secure them with a plastic pin.

Also: what about setting lotion? I can’t find it at Walmart or Walgreens. I’ve seen it in the nursing home’s beauty shop, but where the heck do I buy it?

Thanks in advance!

Disclaimer: I do not wish to offend anyone with the use of “old lady.”

IANA stylist, but what you’re looking for are commonly referred to as brush rollers. They come in different sizes, natch, so they’ll want to know what size you want.

As for the setting lotion, you’d get it the same place you’re getting your rollers, of course – the beauty supply store. :wink:

Thank you, thank you!