Old MacDonald Had A Sex Farm!

Some people really shouldn’t have hobbies.

It gets even more bizarre.


:eek: :eek: :eek:

E-I-E-I-Oh. Your. God!

It beggers belief.

However, some small and nasty part of me was really pleased to learn that it was one of the humans who had died.

Got what he deserved, I’d say.

Animals, children and people unable to give informed consent–civilised people do not perform sex acts upon them.

A Couple More:

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Not me. I don’t really see how getting screwed by a horse is a particularly evil thing (Icky? Yes. Evil? No.). and I certainly don’t think it warrants a humiliating death. Poor guy.

If they were being cruel to the animals (causing physical harm), then they should be punished under the existing animal cruelty statutes. If they weren’t being cruel to the animals, then we should laugh at them and let them be weirdos in peace. Making laws against “unnatural” behaviour seems like a throwback to past centuries.

And drawing comparisons between bestiality and child sexual abuse seems insulting to abused children. If animals were wired to have the same social views towards sex that we do, then maybe it would make sense to compare the two (and if we did, we’d probably have to ban hundreds of animal husbandry practices…)

Obligatory link to the lovely and talented Eclectech’s “Petting Zoo.” (Flash animation.)

I remember someone posting to Bad Porn about a man who taught his dog to um, service him, and then volunteered as a dog sitter. Oh god, that was hideous.

[Ellen Degeneres]My parents ran a petting zoo when I was a kid. They also had a heavy petting zoo for people who really liked animals.[/Ellen Degeneres]

The guy somehow got a horse to boink him? I would not have thought that was possible. Maybe the horse was into bestiality too (which screwing a human would be from its point of view).

I guess the old “You can lead a horse to water” saying may not be as true as I thought…

I don’t think it goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force him to engage in anal sex with a human.” Of course, I could be wrong.

How exactly do you force a stallion to stick his schlong up your butt, and what harm does it do him? :confused:

Must have been regional thing.

Well, it can really mess up the animal’s interactions with other people, especially since some of the animals being used weren’t owned by the participants, but were apparently boarded for people who presumably didn’t want their critters used as sex toys.

I remember reading some true crime book that involved two lovers who’d trained a male German Shepherd to screw the woman of the couple. The guy took the dog back to his house, and his wife (not knowing of his “extracurricular activities”) mentioned that the dog seemed really eager to get on the bed with her or their teenage daughter.

At least none of the innocent folks involved found out in a more direct fashion.

No doubt.

Because, you know, it’s not cruelty to force sex on an animal that can take it. :rolleyes:

What the hell?

The comparison wasn’t intended to be directly between abusing children and abusing animals. My point was that neither neither capable of giving informed consent to sexual activities. Because of that, it’s my opinion that engaging in sexual acts with any person (or animal) who cannot give consent is, well, wrong.

I also don’t believe it’s ethical to rape a passed-out adult woman, either, or someone who is delusional for any number of reasons, and so on.

I am extremely uncomfortable with the idea of training/teaching an animal to voluntarily perform sexual acts upon, or for the purpose of gratifying, a human. Even if the animal isn’t “hurt” by this, it still squicks me.