Old School is AWESOME!! No spoilers . . .

For all of you that are considering seeing this movie . . . go check it out! Hands down the funniest movie I have seen since Animal House. MAKE SURE YOU SEE THIS MOVIE!!

They don’t spoil all the jokes in the trailers, either. Nobody leave spoilers! The movie is too funny to spoil!

I thought it was funny and stupid (in a good way), but by no means a classic comedy. An amusing way to waste a couple hours, definately.

I thought it was very funny, too. Although the last third wasn’t so much. But Will Farrell had me cracking up whenever he was onscreen. And Vince Vaughn’s funniest role since Swingers.

First hour: easily the funniest hour of a movie I’ve ever seen.

After that: Feh. Funny, but not hilarious.


Yes! My hubby and I saw a sneak preview a couple weeks ago and laughed so hard the entire time.

I loved it…:wink: Feels good to laugh like that!

Highly recommended.

Interrobang, what part of “no spoilers” is confusing?

interrobang… i keep thinking about that and laughing to myself… will farrel may have mastered awkward comedy… i cannot wait to see that again

Yes, very funny movie. Vince was his usual rapid talking sardonic self…must rent movie as you will not hear the dialogue over the laughter…BTW, I got my tickets off Fandango and had my first experience of walking up to the ticket counter while hearing that the movie was sold out. Felt just like the commercial you see before the trailers…

A spoiler is when you give away some crucial plot-point of a the movie which would result in lessening the enjoyment of the movie by the spoiler victim. Merely stating a line from a funny running gag in the movie, which doesn’t make any sense out of context anyway, isn’t a spoiler.

I dunno. I encompass any movie material into the category of “spoiler”, as it is spoiling elements of the movie (crucial or not).

The part where a randomly quoted bit of dialogue that makes no sense out of context is considered a spoiler, I guess. I’ve always understood spoilers to be plot elements and/or twists.

I am sorry if I undermined your enjoyment of the film, however; it was certainly not my intent.

I was glad to see this thread. My husband has been looking forward to this film since seeing the previews. However, it got pretty lukewarm reviews around here.

It actually got good reviews from a movie critic on the morning news, so I figured it must be funny. I was planning on checking it out anyway, but even more so now that the dopers approve :).

You know, I didn’t mind Old School. It turned out not to be insulting to my intelligence, kept up an internal consistency, and actually showed the consequences of actions, while being pretty damned funny. Will Farrel and Vince Vaughn were really good, and I liked that they didn’t depict Luke Wilson’s character as being the well-meaning sap who’s just dragged into comedy by his jackass buddies (he voices his reservations, but then seems pretty enthusiastic about the madcap antics when he’s actually participating). It was by no means comedy genius, but it was competently done, which is rare enough to be noteworthy.