"Old School" Tell me, but don't spoil...

Is this movie worthwhile? I like movies with a real plot about people dealing with real-life problems. Not a lot of mush, soap, or shoot-em-up. Is this my kind of movie? Please give me a teaser, if you can, without spoiling…

I saw one TV ad for this movie, and it sounded interesting. Afterthat, I never saw another promo for this movie. Dang!

  • Jinx

Old School: Think “guys from City Slickers go to Animal House.”

Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrel are brilliant.

It was hillarious, but:

It was kind of lacking in this department. However, there isn’t much “mush, soap, or shoot-em-up” so you should be good there. Go check it out, don’t expect more than humor, and you’ll be set.