Things I didn't need to see today: Will Ferrell's ass.

Ok, Old School was kinda funny, but I’m wondering if they just tried to see how many times they could get Will’s naked ass in a shot.

The movie itself was ok, I just wish that I hadn’t gotten so much food at the concession stand.

Oh man, the scenes with Will Farrel and his ass were hilarious!

If that movie had any less ass from anyone it wouldn’t have been as funny. I’m easily amused and readily admit that, but that movie had the perfect amount of naked ass.

Too much ass: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, starring Sam Rockwell’s ass.

Yeah, I loved when he’s backing his ass up into the SUV’s back seats. Funny stuff.

You ever seen The Piano? That’s a pretty decent film, but good Lord, there is an excess of man-ass. Will Ferrell was funny about it, so I really had no problem with it, despite being a straight male.

Well, on the other hand, we got a decent view of 24’s Elisha Cuthbert’s panty-clad ass. (Luke Wilson’s high school girl.)

If you can be pawed by a homo, you can look at a naked man’s ass on screen.


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