Olsen twins countdown

Oh dear.

Nothing will make you feel older than looking at a recent picture of these two…and then discovering how old they are.

Where’s my cane?


oh. not what you were looking for. Sorry. :smiley:

Shockingly, they’re already “fair game” in Oklahoma and quite a few other states.

OMG, I feel ancient! Plus, whudda thunk they would turn out to be hotties (kinda)??


More like definitely, I’d say.

…mustn’t think about it… :smack:

I’ve got their calander hanging on my wall. It’s a bit embarassing reading on the bottom right of every month: “Real Calanders for Real Girls.” But so be it, can’t wait till September…

I don’t see it.

Candace Cameron and Jodie Sweetin were both better looking than the Olsen twins.

Jamie Kennedy had pictures of them on his wall during his MTV Cribs episode and he called them “mini-Cameron Diaz 1 and mini-Cameron Diaz 2.”

The age of consent in the UK is sixteen. Just in case anyone was thinking of crating them up and shipping them over.

Ugh! Sorry, the Hideous Troll Dolls® don’t do a thing for me. They represent everything wrong with the system of “celebrity” in this countrty. Give me a grown up woman any time.