OMFG, I didn't recognize Judy.

I’m so ashamed. As a gay man, I think I have to turn in my toaster.

I just watched “Judgment at Nuremberg” for the first time (great film), and I didn’t recognize Judy Garland in her first scene, not until she appeared in the courtroom. And then I recognized her voice before her face. Yes, she was quite overweight and speaking with a German accent . . . but still . . . . :smack::smack::smack:

Wait… toasters are gay?

Slight hijack, but - as a straight man, am I allowed to own a toaster as well? I mean, I need it for pop-tarts!

Personally, I’m beginning to suspect that panache45 is just trying to scam his way into scoring free toasters from insecure heterodopers. Not gonna work, dude - but good try!

What’d you think of her performance?

What’s this about toasters?

Holy crap, we watched Judgment at Nuremburg last night! We were expecting Judy Garland (saw her in the credits) and William Shatner (same thing, and SNERK) but we missed Spencer Tracy. Drove me batty for half the movie until I looked it up on my phone.

Yup, sorry, gotta start goin’ for the girlie bits now. Penis (other than your own) is herefore DENIED!

There was a thread on this a few years ago…New recruits to team gay get free toasters.

I thought it was toaster ovens.*

Recruiters to Team Gay get toaster ovens.

descamisado is correct; it’s from the Puppy Episode.

I guess I could see this, at it was a very different role for Garland, but I recognized her right off and I’m not the most observant, still I can see it happening.

She’s amazing in the role, though.

Did you recognize Marlene Dietrich?

The role was such a total departure for her, and she played it perfectly; that’s why I didn’t recognize her. As far as I know, it’s the only performance in her career in which she wasn’t “playing Judy Garland.” She actually succeeded in becoming someone else. And it was amazing to watch her intensity and defiance build on the witness stand.

Yes. I’m not totally deaf and blind (yet).

How about Captain Kirk?

I recognized everyone right away except Judy. And isn’t it amazing how Burt Lancaster just totally “owned” the movie, in spite of having little to say other than the one speech. If I had been in that courtroom I wouldn’t have been able to take my eyes off him.

I was impressed at the pacing - a 3 hour courtroom drama has a lot of work to do not to drag in the middle. I wouldn’t have made it any shorter.

I showed this movie in my high school German class, and they were amazed that “Dorothy” had aged to that extent. They recognized Shatner as the “Price Line Negotiater” and not Kirk. Sad.