OMFG: There really IS a Kegelcisor®

And it is on page 26 of the late winter 2005 edition of the Lifestyle Fascination catalogue. It comes with instructions. “…and your satisfaction is fully guaranteed—perhaps even more so than for any other product we sell…” :eek:

I bet the Kegel exerciser my husband has is more satisfying! :wink:

I have this vision of an informercial with Suzanne Sommers sitting on a chair looking…intent.


Anyone else uncomfortable with the idea of that thing being in the dishwasher?

Not at all :smiley:

Heh. Did you see the rerun of CSI last night?

Oh my…

Why are you surprised?

Hehe, so this teenager now has a sudden spiked interest in learning how to do kegels. Does anyone have a helpful video or something that explains the process. Purely for athletic reasons of course :rolleyes:

Well, it will help your bladder. A strong bladder is happy for everyone.

Ok, first, go to your local toilet. Begin peeing. STOP! You know those muscles you just used to stop your pee from flowing? Those are your pelvic floor muscles. Those are what you need to squeeze. You can do this without the peeing part, that’s just the easiest way to teach people. Do a couple of sets of 25 each a day.

Yes :cool:

Sure if I’m running a load for my dildos and beads, anyway, may as well toss in the old Kegel’er.

Pffft. Boring.

I propose a version with an internal pressure sensor, connected to a readout so the user can see the force exerted. It’s easier to keep up with an exercise regime with positive reinforcement, in this case watching the needle move and trying to make it ‘peg’. Or better yet, a digital display with the maximum values recorded, like the high scores on an arcade game.

Someone else will have to invent the “Kegelmeter”, though. I don’t even own a soldering iron.

The pee one? Or was it a different one?

He he he. Can’t wait for a few of these to start setting off the metal detectors at airports… “Ma’am, are you sure you don’t have any coins or anything in your pockets? Can you step over here, please?”

Hee, here’s whole set of them. Who knew there was actually a variety of products available for your cootchie-clenching needs?

Ladies, do your exercises, follow up with a little of this, and you too will have a vagina to contend with!

[Seymour Skinner]

See how high you can get the Kegelmeter®, and then try to beat that score.

[/Seymour Skinner]

I don’t know.

Meh. I have one of those, and a set of “Ben Wa Balls”. (yes, yes, wink wink, nudge nudge, har har).

I’ve been using things like this for years, to keep everything healthy, It’s not very pleasurable - kind of clinical, actually.

Hubby smiles a lot. :smiley:


No, the neighborhood-sex-party one. Cleanup involved running all the toys through the dishwasher. It was a full load.