OMG! I've turned into Prof. Henry Higgins!

I was reading this article about the latest female teacher to totally train-wreck her life for the love of a minor. Included in the article were various quotes from messages that she’d sent to her inamorata.

Need I continue?

I realize that the law is coming down on her for violating her parole, and conditions of release, as well as new charges for soliciting sex with a minor.

But the reason I want her locked up is for her ‘cold-blooded murder of the English tongue.’ And for impersonating an educated person.

Only one thing for me to do, I guess.
Time to listen to My Fair Lady again. :smiley:

She may be physically 28 years old but sounds like she’s got the emotional maturity of a 12 year old.

I don’t know. I think you’re maligning the grammar and spelling skills of the average twelve year old.

At least I hope you are.


I have to tell you, I was absolutely aghast to find out that my eldest sister, a thirty year professional educator with TWO PhDs in academic fields actually uses the same chat room crap. ru, 2 for to, and too, no capitals, no punctuation, and in all ways identical to the illiterate chatroomies of the world.

She sent an email to my siblings (A doctor, a nurse, a mathematician, a laboratory technician, and a high school graduate) in that style, and we all jumped down her throat, and three of us told her we don’t answer that sort of email.

She says it is just like absorbing an accent. She communicates in the vernacular of the audience she expects.

I think it’s just lazy. Notice that none of it ever defaults to expressing things in a way that requires so much as a single extra key stroke.


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