OMG New Shoes!!

It’s the fall and my birthday soon so I thought I would splurge. I saw these Danskos in a store that doesn’t carry my size so I got on Zappos:

They shine like an gasoline spill! Yippee! I fell in love with the turquoise patent reptilian ones last year but still haven’t gotten those–less versatile.

Oh, and let me just see what Birkenstock/Birki’s has going…

Squeee! They shine like Glizzard Purple!!
Has anyone tried the Dansko heels, like these? Anything besides the traditional clog hasn’t fit me or looked right, so I’m leery of trying them…

I must have the gasoline spill ones!

I have a couple pairs of Dansko heels and they are much narrower and fit differently. But I still love them - especially my boots! Besides, Zappos has free shipping both ways so what do you have to lose?!

Ooh, I have two pairs of Dansko Professionals, and I WANT THOSE GASOLINE SPILL SHOES!!!

The Dansko heels looks interesting. I’d want to try them on, though.

I love those gasoline spill Danskos, but they’re a little too wide for me. :frowning: I have had some luck with El Naturalista though.

A friend says Klogs are amazingly comfortable. I think her feet are narrower as well.

Thanks for the info–it makes me think my big feet won’t work in them!

Also, I’ve mentioned them before, but I continue to be tempted by hand-painted Dansko/Sanita clogs.

Drool. ETA: Heh:

NSFW Shoes video (language)

Any enthusiastic discussion of shoes reminds me of this video. :smiley:

:smiley: I think you have too many shoes. SHUT UP!!!

I’m finally getting a new pair of dress shoes this weekend. I bought a pair last November, but because of two broken feet, didn’t get to wear them until January. I walk in them so much that the soles are completely gone. Walking on a polished surface is like walking on ice, and I’ve nearly fallen a few dozen times.

I might get these again, or I might go for something wild this time. Or maybe basic wingtips.

I’m going to the movies this weekend with a friend and I told her that I need to make time for shoe shopping. I think she had the Big O while she invited herself along.

Do they have to be all-black?

No, but they should match my belt, which is. My current shoes are croc skin with white stripes.

Saddle shoes (or whatever they’re called) don’t look good on me.

Drat!! They don’t have the gasoline spill Danskos in my size. Major bummage.


I bought these Steve Madden flats yesterday. I bought these white flower printed flats maybe six months ago, and they’ve been a big hit. I’m digging Mr. Madden’s flats!

I also bought these Jessica Simpson boots in black yesterday. I started a thread some months ago about my reluctance to buy anything from her line because she irritates me, but goddamn, every time I go to the shoe store, she’s always there! I remember someone (I’m pretty sure it was Nzinga, Seated) telling me to stop resisting, and give in. And so I did.

Plus, come on, my options are limited! Here’s how a lot of my shoe shopping experiences go.

Me: I’d like an attractive shoe that’s comfortable enough to walk in.
Sales Broad: (After returning from the back room) Here are several shoes that our customers say are comfortable.
Me: Oh yeah, and I need them in a size 9.5 or 10.
Sales Broad: …

Sister! Except unless the sizing is way off, only a 10 will fit me. Last time I went shoe shopping, the guy kept bringing me shoes saying “well, this is a 9.5” (no, it doesn’t fit) “we don’t have a 10 in this style but you could try this 9” (oh hell no, that doesn’t fit). It makes me appreciate Zappos a whole lot.

I tells ya, I got all the problems of tall people without actually being tall! I can never find an inseam that’s worth a damn (What am I supposed to do with a 32" inseam? Wear them as capris?!) and it’s hard for me to find shoes in my size! Arr, all of this suffering, and I’m only 5’8"!

Heh. I’m an 11, or 41 in Danskos/Birks. My (female) friend is a 44. :frowning: She’s stuck in the men’s styles.

I’m a 42 in the clogs. Hence no gasoline spill ones.:mad:

The inseam problem (and I’m only 5’9") I more or less solved by only buying pants and jeans through Old Navy, Gap, or Banana Republic. Old Navy has jeans in multiple lengths on the rack, but not pants; you have to get those via their website. (Plus they have a great variety of shaping and rises, so you can find something that’ll fit your bod.) Gap has long pants and jeans on the rack; last week I got two pairs of their light, wool-blend Trouser Pants on sale for $18 a pop because they were having a style closeout sale for the new fall/winter styles to come in. They were indistinguishable enough from the new styles that one of their clerks had mistagged a stack of new pants as sale items, and they gave me the ~$65 pants for the sale price. For Banana Republic, I tend to just check out their sale items on their website since they’re the priciest of the three.

Even though they’re all owned by the same parent company, watch the sizing - the inseam lengths in their long styles can vary, so check the chart. I think Gap and Banana Republic both offer Tall styles (above and beyond their long length pants) on their website, and I think I keep getting those when I buy Banana Republic pants on sale - I have to wear those with higher than a kitten heel or else I’ll be tripping on the hem.

I bought a pair of long inseam pants through Target’s website, one of their Isaac Mizrahi designs. He must only know short women. They were hitting just above the ankle bones. :frowning:

Back to shoes: I had a female friend in high school who wore a size 11. Man, I can’t imagine trying to find nice 11s pre-Internet; I suspect it’s hard enough these days.

New shoes!!! I’ve worn my new Danskos (not sure which model) every day since I got them in the mail Monday.

eBay. Including shipping, $17. Score!