My feet need love, a.k.a. What shoes do you like?

I just started wondring what everyones favorite shoe is.

Mine are the red Vans Off the Walls that are 2 sizes too big.

Ecco. My Ecco boots are on my feet 360 days a year. They are easily the most comfortbale shoe I’ve ever worn. The rest of their shoes are equally nice.

Red high-top Converse All-Stars.

I don’t own any right now, but dang it, I’m buying some. And that right soon!

Canthearya, I like style I’d have Converses, but I have fat feet.


I’m super partial to your basic Target no-name brand flip flops-NOT the shower shoes with that in-between-the-toe strap (my poor toes shudder!). I’m one of those people who wears flipflops and silly socks in the winter. And Adidas shelltoes make me happy too. Gotta love the oldschool stripes. Ooh! And fluffy bed slippers. Crazy ones. Zebra stripes, oooh, very nice.

My husband has fat feet, too! I call him my “Fat-Footed Man” and sing his nickname to him in the tune of that old Jethro Tull song, “Fat Man.” (I think that’s the name of the song.)

"Don’t wanna be a fat-footed ma-a-a-an…"

He has hammertoe, though. His feet are not truly “fat” but merely the widest feet known to man.

Anway, sorry dude, that ya can’t wear Chucks. That bites. :frowning:

My red Adidas Gazelles. I need to find a new pair.

Apparently red’s a popular color around these parts.

I love my Payless $25 platform boots.

I just got me some new boots last night. Very comfortable for a boot. Bring on the snow! Otherwise, I like old-fashioned Reebok Aerobic shoes, the high-top variety.

I am partial to Caterpillar boots. But if I need cross training shoes, I would have to go with anything made by New Balance.

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My feet prefer to be naked. I put my shoes on as I walk out the door in the morning. Soon after arriving at my place of employment, I slip my shoes off and put on my slippers. They look like ballerina slippers and are the most comfy things on the planet!

I really detest wearing shoes.

Deer Stags, bar none the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. They’re pricey but worth every penny you pay.

A pair of ankle boots that I can wear with any pair of pants. And I’m absolutely head over heels inlove with this pair of shoes.

A pair of tan Airwalks. Very comfy for walking that mile and a half to campus and back everyday.

Steel-toed boots with extra padding in the sole and toes. Up over my ankles. I walk fast, so my ankles get hurt a good bit with lower shoes.

i love my FUBU sneakers because they fit me perfectly,

Well I’m a diabetic, every doctor I’ve been to has told me to use Easy Spirit shoes. So now that’s all I wear. They are comfortable and they can take the abuse (I’m very rough on shoes).

My twelve-hole, greasy-leather black Docs with Airwair soles. Comfortable as anything, and hard-wearing; I’ve been wearing the same pair, practically day in and day out for three years now, and they’re creased in all the right places while still looking and feeling great.

I love 'em all!!! As long as they are comfortable, that is. If they hurt my feet, they go bye-bye. Right now, as I’m starting to dig out my “fall and winter” clothes–yeah, right, this is Florida–I’m wearing my boots. Black boots, brown boots, tan boots, dress boots, hiking boots, granny boots…::sigh::…I love boots! Of course, that means most of my sandals are being packed away…

I’m with MikeG. Eccos all the way. I have three pair of Eccos sandals for Summer, two pairs of Ecco boots for winter.

Although I also have some Hush Puppy slippers with outdoor soles I’ve been known to wear as shoes.