I think it's time for another "Fabo Shoe" thread.

And as the owner of more than one pair of fabo shoes, allow me to submit my latest aquisition:


I love them quite deeply. They make me very tall.

So - anyone else with some Fabo new shoes? :slight_smile:

I like.
My flames and my supervogs are getting a little worn.

Cute! I have a super old-school pair of fluvogs that I still wear sometimes. Amazingly, they’re not that comfortable, but they’re super cute.

Dude checking in - and still rather amazed at the prices of women’s shoes. Yes, I know some men’s shoes are pricey, but few men buy those - but one thing I learned ages ago, when you find shoes you like, grab them.

I worked in Switzerland and had the opportunity to go to Italy quite often. There was an open-air market in Como, Italy every Sunday and they had the greatest deals on high-quality shoes - even for men.

I found a pair of shoes that were great - thick sole, cool style and a price you couldn’t beat. I bought a pair - and they were the most comfortable shoes I have ever bought in my life - they lasted me almost five years! (And I am hard on shoes.)

My only regret was not buying two or three pairs - and damned if I didn’t think that while I was buying them. I knew they were good when I bought them. I could still kick myself in the butt for not having bought at least two pair while I had the chance.

My all-time favorite shoes.

Scored them new in the box on eBay for $30 :smiley:


Alice I was admiring those wedges earlier, great purchase! And Veuve, great leopard prints. I’ve had impose a personal moratorium on leopard print purchases 'cause otherwise that’s all I buy.

I’m trying to buy fewer but nicer shoes this year. So far I’ve gotten the perfect patent pumps (which are a tad too big, I’m gonna try pads 'cause the shoes were really hard to find) and some great retro platforms. Behind them you can see my new ribbon espadrilles for summery stuff (BTW, please ignore all the smutz on the mirror, I evidently really need to clean that.)

And , just for fun, here’s an old photo of my shoe collection. (the selection has changed somewhat since this photo) Ah, the freedom of being single, I can have as many shoes and as much pink as I want… :wink:

Oooo - I love these - very cute!

I particularly love how SpiderMan is guarding them for you. :smiley:

These are very cute too! I have a pair of zebra-print shoes, but so far all my leopard items are hand bags or belts. I’m not sure why - I think perhaps I should branch out…

My choice is so boring but comfy! I got them last summer and wore them almost every day. This summer I’ve ordered these and these. They should be in any day now and I can’t wait to try them.

A delicate balance between slutty and chic. You’ve arrived, my dear… you’ve truly arrived.

My most fabu shoe is Dansko Fran.

They’re not the most comfortable shoe in the world, but I still think they’re purty.

I adore these, but the price tag is too rich for my blood: http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/25308700/c/97446.html

My favourite shoes in the whole world. And not cheap. Therefore, not mine.

I love shoes, but I’m cheap and poor and have huge feet, so it’s hard to find cute ones that both fit and are in my price range. My most recent acquisition is these . I’m a total sucker for platforms. I almost got these beauties but I waflled about it for a couple of weeks and when I went back they didn’t have my size anymore (I actually went to two different Targets in search of them, and no luck). Now that I see they still have them online, I’m considering ordering them…

I’m kind of in love with these but I just paid for my new bedroom furniture so I’m going to have to restrain myself. I hate that. :smiley:


My most recent acquisition is this pair in black but my all-time favorite is a pair of Prada black patent wedge sandals. They’re not only sexy as hell, but they’re as comfortable as slippers. They are similar to these only black, with a wedge and the heel and strap are more delicate. I love them.

Hooray for birkenstocks!
I own both black (work shoe) and espresso… funny, I thought they were brown, but they are, infact “espresso.”
Professional kitchens are really hard on shoes, and I have happily worn out 2 pairs of these already, and am working on the third.

New shoes, yay! I do love them so. With a size of 9 1/2 NARROW, it’s not easy for me to find shoes that fit, but I just bought these and they are so cute I can hardly stand it. I didn’t pay $90 for them, though- hooray for Ross!

Lots of other cute shoes in this thread, too!

scratches head

I’ve got black shoes…and brown shoes!

I’ve also got a pair of sneakers…

Am I cool yet?

That’s how this tribe works, right? I mean, you needs lots of shoes to be cool…where’s the cutoff?

Cutoff? There’s a cutoff?