Ooooh shiny!! (New Danksos)

The spring Danskos are out! I just ordered this pair. I’m soooo excited.

Yes. I know I need to get a life.

Surly you can’t be serious.


<Puts on her old fogey hat> Those are some interesting clogs. What, er, demagraphic are they appealing to? You know, like Doc Martens were for punks and boat shoes were / are for preppies. Not trying to be snarky at all, just trying to get a feel for what kind of look one would be going for.

Those are for professionals who are on their feet all day. Doctors, nurses, (veterinary technicians like me). They really keep your feet from feeling sore and fatigued after a long day of not being able to sit down. They are also well-known for helping people heal from plantar faciiitis, and preventing it, unlike many athletic shoes.

I have two pairs of those, one black matte and one brown matte. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned that weren’t running shoes or other Danskos. (I have a pair of Dansko sandals that I need to take to the shoe repair.)

I like the color you chose, though. It’s cute. :slight_smile:

I always like the way Danskos look, and people who own them rave over how comfortable they are, but apparently they are quite wide and I have narrow feet.

Cater more to me, shoe makers! ME ME ME.

I have a pair of the Antique Brown. I love your new spring ones! Very shiny.

I’m wearing mine now, and they are wide, which is why they work well for me. They’re like walking in cement shoes – very heavy and not especially flexible, but they’re also very stable, which is part of the charm when you have ankles as damaged and easy-to-sprain as mine.

I have two pairs of Danskos, a mary jane styleand some pretty backless clogs, both in black. my family refers to them as my ugly shoes, but I love them.

I have those Mary Janes in black! WOOKINPANUB, besides professionals who wear them because they’re on their feet all day, I think the demographic that most wears Dansko clogs is the crunchy,yoga class taking, Attachment Parenting practicing, organic food eating set. Clare Dederer, in her book “Poser”, talks about Dansko clogs as a sign of

I love my Danskos…I have the black patent leather and the black iridescent patent leather (look like gasoline was spilled on them). They are incredibly comfortable for me as I work on my feet all day on sandstone and stone floors. My feet and legs never hurt when I wear them!

Yep, as everyone else pointed out, Danskos appeal to the “don’t want my feet to hurt” crowd. I’m wearing my black ones right now (working 11 pm to 7 am, and the tired travelers, drunks, and booty call check ins aren’t looking at my shoes.) I also wore these almost exclusively while I was pregnant: I have a wide foot anyway, so swelling made most shoes impossible, and the stability was great while I was off-balance from the extra weight.

They’re still ugly as sin, though.

I love my danskos and I sit at a computer professionally. They aren’t just for the “standing all day” crowd!

Guilty as charged.

They are not ugly, they are adorable. I love the stripey ones and must get some.

Typically, I hate–hatehatehate–thick, clunky shoes. Frankly, I just hate clogs. Even the “chic” clogs advertised in Glamour magazine are fugly as all get out.

That being said, they probably would’ve been nice when I got a foot infection last spring and my ankle swelled up to about twice its usual size. I probably would’ve needed a backless version, if just because my ankle was so huge, but they probably would’ve been comfortable for work.

I have bone spurs in my feet and these are pretty much the only shoes I ever wear. In the summer, I wear the sandals and in the winter, the clogs. I’m neither a medical professional nor a granola type - I work in an extremely professional office and to all my coworkers who look askance at my shoes, I say pffppppppffffffpppppppppttttt!

Kyla, I’m 99% sure that Danskos makes narrows - you’ll have to look hard for them though - maybe the Dansko website can tell you who carries them.

I love my Dansko clogs, which are bright green ‘snakeskin’. I’d totally buy the OP’s shoes. My current pair is exclusively for wearing at home; I got them to fix my feet when I suffered from plantar fasciitis. (It totally worked and last night I danced for 2 hours in bare feet with no trouble!!)

I want to buy another pair to wear everywhere when I feel wealthy enough. I guess I’d say I’m semi-granola? Also I think Danskos are cute, not ugly.

I LIVE in Danskos, but only the Professional clogs (love those, Surly Chick!) and paddock boots which, alas, they don’t make any more.

I have a nice pair or two for doing non-grubby things, and then I have my barn pair. A lot of people say they tip over in them, but I’ve been known to chase horses at a full run in them, with no ill effect.

Well, except for the one time I forgot about the Black Walnuts that were littering that patch of ground… ow.

I love my Danskos. I have the oiled brown. The price is about 6x what I’d normally spend on shoes but since I’ve had them since 2005 and they look and feel exactly the same, even with very frequent wear (other than a slightly doggie gnawed appearance), they’re well worth the price.

I really like the blue embroidered and might have to see if I can convince someone to buy them for me.

I started wearing them when I worked at Home Depot because that concrete floor is murder on the knees, shins, lower back, and feet. Even though I left there in 2007, I still wear the shoes all the time. I love 'em!

I work in a hospital lab and about half the people on my shift wear them because plantar fasciitis runs rampant in our profession. I don’t think they look ugly at all. My only complaint is that I have to wear brown ones. I need a size 43 and all the pretty colors seem to stop around size 41 or 42.