Ominous news about Veronica Mars

The series has been renewed for a second season. But I read today that network executives have several ideas about how the show can be “improved”. This is a bad sign.

For God’s sake, guys, you’re executives at UPN. What would give you the idea that you know anything about what a good series looks like?

I hope one of their ideas for improving it is either to move it off from across from Lost. Or at least continue repeating it on Saturdays so I can still watch.

The show would have to be a lot different this year as the big mysteries that propelled it last season have been solved. I just hope they don’t wreck it. I still haven’t recovered from what was done to She Spies in season 2.

What happened in She Spies season 2?
Back to V.M. I think the rumor was that the big shake up would be a regular’s death.

My bet… Veronica’s dad.

Enrico Colontoni! That’s what you get!


Besides, they could’ve killed him in the finale and it would have fit. I’d have been furious, but it would’ve fit.

There’s some reassurance – and some spoilers – in this interview with Rob Thomas. Read at your own risk, I guess.

Two major rumors that aren’t going to happen: there’ll be no Tara Reid, and no major character death

Jack left the show, they introduced a new boss and a tech nerd, and they made the entire series more… serious. The best thing about the first season was that it was a spoof if the entire spy genre. Making it realistic got rid of the only redeeming feature of the series.

Well, okay, DeeDee was still pretty hot, but that’s about it.