Omnibus Evil MFers in the news thread

My son works in a prison and this wouldn’t work. It would alert the guards and they’d come down hard. The guards would be totally fine with the other inmates grabbing his food and eating it. No throwing plates, though.

Do they even get plates? I envision trays.

Heh, I stopped asking my son about prison. Anytime he told me things about his job and what he saw/experienced it was always 10x worse than my wildest imagination.

TW, prison stuff::


Early in his career he told me he was too young looking. A pedophile in solitary was gunning him. I asked if it was a real gun or one carved from soap, etc. He just laughed at me. I searched on Google and it made me nauseous.

This guy was really all-in on the hate and violence. At least his lack of subtlety means he’d be easy to avoid, and I’m glad another human boil is off the streets.