Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread

…and the monkey has left the building.

I feel sorry for the monkey. The web has certainly given rise to some odd ways to make money. I wonder if anyone would subscribe to my patreon of my son’s chihuahua taking naps. He’s really good at it. who’s a good boy

Only if you put an ugly holiday sweater on it.

Isn’t that a requirement of chihuahua owners?

No, owners have to wear a coat and tie.

Well there you go.

Troll, or psychopath? We report, you decide.


Dang, I wanted to see the little monkey scratch the owners eyes out. Where do you have to live to find a monkey on the side of the road? Weird.

Well, it was a thread asking for unpopular opinions!! Can’t get more unpopular than that.

I no longer have any doubts that my decision to stop engaging with him was the right one. Maybe others will see this truly revolting opinion and reach the same conclusion.

I’d say that officially makes him a troll. He obviously does not care about the rule of law despite all of his crap arguing for it.

“Hitler did nothing wrong.”

Oh for heaven’s sake, now you’e Godwinized the whole thread!!

Charming. HD is a fucking asshat.

Turd is back. Likes to look at traffic maps.

Likes to look at traffic maps and laugh at the people stuck on the freeways.

More precisely, as I read it, likes to sit in his recliner and gloat about the poor sods stuck in traffic backups. He’s probably a major rubbernecker at traffic accidents. Seems to get a lot of joy out of other people’s misfortunes: “Ha ha! It’s not me!” Scum like this deserve to get the Nelson Muntz treatment when they’re in trouble: “Ha ha! It’s you!”

The thread now says I don’t have access. Is it a result of a site malfunction?


You got cornfielded, son.

Um, cornfielded? Explain.