Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread

He’s watching too much Flintstones.

Maybe that’s just the clock speed of his brain, so it takes multiple years to come up with the next question. To use SamuelA’s excellent and highly accurate technical terminology, maybe that’s how long it takes his brain to execute branch statements.

But indeed breakneck is an interesting fellow. He proposes a personal theory of dinosaur evolution that may well have come from The Flintstones, whose absurd stupidity is matched only by the barely comprehensibly illiteracy in which it’s written. When criticized for any of this, his first inclination is to unleash a torrent of ungrammatical vitriol, then sit back and wait for helpful responses, most of which he seems to ignore or not understand. I can see him being a solid asset to the board going forward. Or possibly tending to the corn out in the back forty.

Slow fake news day at Pacific Pundit?

Maybe he’s Billy Pilgrim and he’s just come unstuck?

Didn’t DkTrdGuy say he hung around with the Dark Triad? I give you DarkSpearTriant. Mr. Triant has linked to a youtube channel from someone raising a baby monkey and asking for monetary support to do so.

I’m not saying that someone, somewhere isn’t doing so. I just find it odd that that someone picked this user name. It could be legit, in which case - welcome to the underground economy of baby monkey raising for money.

(Baby monkey thread reported)

I Googled the first couple of lines in his thread…and it would be easier to name the forums he didn’t post his Monkeygram in. Car forums, doctor forums, sports forums, business forums-he tried to sling a little bit of monkey shit into all of them.

…and the monkey has left the building.

I feel sorry for the monkey. The web has certainly given rise to some odd ways to make money. I wonder if anyone would subscribe to my patreon of my son’s chihuahua taking naps. He’s really good at it. who’s a good boy

Only if you put an ugly holiday sweater on it.

Isn’t that a requirement of chihuahua owners?

No, owners have to wear a coat and tie.

Well there you go.

Troll, or psychopath? We report, you decide.


Dang, I wanted to see the little monkey scratch the owners eyes out. Where do you have to live to find a monkey on the side of the road? Weird.

Well, it was a thread asking for unpopular opinions!! Can’t get more unpopular than that.

I no longer have any doubts that my decision to stop engaging with him was the right one. Maybe others will see this truly revolting opinion and reach the same conclusion.

I’d say that officially makes him a troll. He obviously does not care about the rule of law despite all of his crap arguing for it.

“Hitler did nothing wrong.”

Oh for heaven’s sake, now you’e Godwinized the whole thread!!

Charming. HD is a fucking asshat.