Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread

It’s from a site so far to the right that it makes Fox News look like HuffPo.

Related thread on the pronunciation of femme.

I concur that “fam” as in family (at least the way I pronounce it) is a reasonable approximation.

Something between “fam” and “fem” is closer. The “um” sound isn’t there. I do agree it’s further back in your throat than Americans are used to. The link you posted is helpful for those who are not familiar with non-french speakers.

Fi fi fo femme…

No love for BlueMerle? Serial sock #8 going back to 2016 I’d suspect (if someone can be arsed we should probably list all of the socks out here).

“Read everything I told you to read or you’re not qualified to discuss this”


You know, because it isn’t possible that some of us actually have some amount of knowledge of the subject that isn’t dependent upon your biased citations.

Agreed. Trock.

In a thread about alphaboi867’s dog, which is having life-threatening health problems, Gatopescado leaps in with one of his patented drive-by threadshits as the first reply:

We had a guy here once who wanted everyone to watch a 90 minute interview with Charles Murray, the Bell Curve guy, before he would entertain any discussion about the relative intellectual capacity of black people. That went about as well as you might think.

Like a fart in a diving helmet?

La prononciation du mot femme par une femme canadienne-française:

Click the speaker icon in Google Translate to listen to a reading of the text. Click it a second time for a slower reading: %20by%20a%20female%20French%20Canadian. (Of course this does not always work well, but in this instance it does.)

My favorite trock quote from that thread. He’s responding to Bone.

The pit is a dangerous and lonely place sometimes.

We had someone not too long ago who kept saying, “just google it”, as if we should make his argument. Failure to google and produce the evidence of his argument proved that we were not good debaters, and we “lost”.

Far as I know, we still have that guy.

I think that was that 9/11 truther.

It’s not even the worst of his opinions, IMO.

I think he’s a personal fav. He was ridiculous.

Maybe Michael Wolff is secretly Gerald Ratner?

Not a troll, but breakneck is an interesting case. Asks a question about dinosaurs (along with some Not Even Wrong ideas) in 2013, bumps the thread today. I see that he has made only a few posts–among them is another thread started in 2013 and bumped in 2016. And he makes the bump posts as if the conversation is continuing normally with no multi-year gap in between.

My guess is that he has some sort of rare disorder that causes him to leap forward in time. From his POV, the threads are proceeding rapidly.