Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread

Turd is back. Likes to look at traffic maps.

Likes to look at traffic maps and laugh at the people stuck on the freeways.

More precisely, as I read it, likes to sit in his recliner and gloat about the poor sods stuck in traffic backups. He’s probably a major rubbernecker at traffic accidents. Seems to get a lot of joy out of other people’s misfortunes: “Ha ha! It’s not me!” Scum like this deserve to get the Nelson Muntz treatment when they’re in trouble: “Ha ha! It’s you!”

The thread now says I don’t have access. Is it a result of a site malfunction?


You got cornfielded, son.

Um, cornfielded? Explain.

Keep trying. You’ll get through eventually. It just takes awhile.

:smiley: you asshole :smiley:

You can’t really blame him. I hear he’s from an asshole country…

It’s A Good Life…

Amber waves of grain.
Only corn.

Not to ruin everyone else’s fun but in the interest of fighting ignorance:

Your thread has been removed by the moderators. I hadn’t seen it (and am not a mod) so I can’t say why specifically, but it’s usually because the thread in some way violates (or is about to violate) the board rules or moderator instructions.

When threads are vanished away thusly, or when spammers and trolls are banned and their individual posts removed, this is colloquially known as being “cornfielded”. As noted above, this is a reference to the old Twilight Zone episode “It’s a Good Life” where a young boy with omniscient powers sends the bodies of those who have in some way upset him out to the cornfield.

If you genuinely don’t know why your thread was removed, send a PM to the moderator for that forum. I recommend asking politely - not that I would ever compare our hardworking moderators to five-year-old boys but they do retain the power to cornfield individuals too.

As an aside, it makes me sad when book references are described as coming from the TV/movie adaptation. I remember especially one news segment far worse than this instance where they discussed the warnings from Fahrenheit 451 as a movie and never mentioned that there is a book that it was based on.

(I remember seeing the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror episode parodying this for the first time and being impressed that they were basing a skit on an obscure SF short story–and feeling sincerely let down when I found out that it was actually based on a Twilight Zone episode that had been based on the story.)

You win the internets today John.

Fair point. All credit due to Jerome Bixby, who wrote the original 1953 short story.

(Incidentally, I’ve just discovered there was a sequel to the Twilight Zone episode, called “It’s Still A Good Life”, also starring Bill Mumy and his real-life daughter.)

See, I didn’t even know it was a Twilight Zone reference.

Or that Fahrenheit 451 was a movie.

By François Truffaut, aka “That French Guy from CE3K.”

Huh. Sorry about the font problem.

Isn’t that nice of the Moderators? He asked them about cornfields, and they sent him there for a visit.


I would have taken care of it sooner but I was busy disposing of a three-headed gopher. :slight_smile: