Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread


Hey, if a guy can make a buck selling snake oil and magic beans to thick-headed groggy old men with a history of moony-eyed man crushes, more power to him. Caveat dotardus.

Did you delete the message? All I see is your siggy.

Great comeback, moron.

I don’t think you’re the right person to be speculating about who might be trolls or not.

Probably a better choice than you.

I may not agree with Morgenstern about politics, but he seems a reasonably intelligent person on other topics. He’s certainly more intelligent and more useful in general than you are, Plumtrolly.

I’m gonna call this one early, because it’s so frikkin’ obvious to me it’s a trock.

You know what offends me? Of all the people here, I get you for an idolater. I could have done much better.

You’re accusing me of being a troll too? I’m right-wing partisan scum also, right? I just want to get my story straight here.

I’m happy to offend.

Anyhoo… Is it me or has there been an uptick of spurious to outright ridiculous accusations of trolling lately?

…asked the troll.


Not feeling so special any more?

Never mind everyone has been spot on, right Puddin’?

(softballs, all he pitches is softballs, so easy to hit)

Adaher, Ramira, spinky? Yeah, spot on! Good job, trollhunters!

Me? Call me whatever you want. If you wanna believe I’m a troll, go ahead.

You’re one of the half-witted tentpegs who has yet to understand the difference between being a **troll **and trolling. 2 different things that are not terribly hard, for people with an IQ located anywhere other than the leftmost 1/3 of the IQ bell curve, to understand. It’s not all your fault Puddin’. Blame mother nature.

How were they ‘trolling’ (as opposed to being trolls, edumacated one)? Are you conflating ‘trolling’ with being dense and partisan beyond reason (Adaher)? With being a tad (okay, a bit more than a tad) harsh and combative (Ramira)? With finally managing to reset their password and reviving a pit thread (Spinky)?

What, when and where something is posted all become part of the equation. If you don’t already know this, I’m not really interested in helping you keep up with the class here. I’d suggest you go to a less complicated board. I hear lesserwrong is really good forum for people like you.

I remember the context of all those situations and I wouldn’t call what they posted, in those situations, trolling. I’m asking you why you insist on calling it trolling.

Who the fuck gives a fuck about a troll’s opinion about trolling, troll?

I’d suggest you PM Miller, the Pit mod and ask him if he has any room for you on the list. If he does, then ask how soon he’ll be assigning a Pit tutor for you. He’s pretty generous with requests from noobs seeking Pit tutors.

Either that, or start back at page 60 and read forward. We pretty well define them when we call them. I’m not bothering.

You can sit down now.

How about a situation where someone out of the blue replies “Moron” to a post?