Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread

You mean Luciano700? Please reserve “luci” as shorthand for elucidator, who does not belong in this thread.

Presumably the place D’Anconia is fundamentally coming from is indicated by his username.

But on the serious question of not enabling addicts - treatment experts have different views on where to draw the line, but food is one of the few things you can provide, depending on context. If somebody is still functioning at a fairly high level, obviously just buying them a $200 bag of groceries is enabling, it does just free up money to buy drugs in the way D’Anconia describes. But that didn’t sound like what the OP was describing. I certainly don’t think there’s any problem with giving a single meal to somebody homeless, at or close to destitution, possibly malnourished. And not all homeless people are drug addicts, of course.

I put a cite in the thread.

Oh, really. I couldn’t remember how to spell his whole name. He already ticked me off, I didn’t care enough to double check. He has started a new and incomprehensible thread. WTF?

D’Anconia is on my ignore list, but I find myself reading his posts anyway just to see if he can top his last one. He never fails to come up with something more snarkable than the last time.

I’ve actually tried to help the guy, but his ability to comprehend anything that he hasn’t already decided on is so bad that I might as well be arguing with a badly-programmed chatbot.

No shit. Witness his response to me in my phone scam thread:

Pretentious dick-hole.


L-7 (my non-Luci nick for Luciano700) has been starting threads were he’s pretending there’s a discussion to be had, but he’s just airing his insecurities.

From one of his OPs:

If it’s hard to argue otherwise, then you expect everyone to agree, so why even bother starting a thread? Even if you’ve got all the time in the world (and nothing you should be doing to improve yourself), why waste other people’s time?

He’s the only poster I’ve ever ignored. His goal in life seem to be to derail any thread discussing concepts he’s uncomfortable with.

That sounds like some kind of weird non-planar lagrange point. Which would be kind of, umm, unstable.

Good old Francisco Domingo Carlos Andres Sebastian d’Anconia is the anti Samuel-A. Whereas SA will respond to the net neutrality decision with “it won’t matter because of futuristic sounding BS which I am making up as I type”, Cisco here responds to net neutrality with “phone books”.

That reminds me–in this post he contends that the rational future solution to crime is to implant a behavior-controlling chip in everyone.

Oh, and it seems that Dumbius Assius continues to be depressed. And also–apparently–a creationist.

I have noticed. you have been more than patient with him. Either he is trolling or he’s just plain stupid. IDK.
He obviously has no support at home.
But I can’t take him on to raise, he is too frustrating.
Maybe if his english was better. But, then again, I am not sure if that is real.

Don’t ever get him wet. Keep him away from bright light. And the most important thing, the one thing you must never forget: no matter how much he cries, no matter how much he begs . . . never, never feed him after midnight.

Wait–so posters that aren’t intentional trolls but are genuinely tin-eared, clueless, and confused are called mogwai?

I like it.

It’s like his brain ate some beans and is farting OPs all over the place suddenly.

Just to bring those of you who may have just tuned in up to speed, Marky F. hated being in college, hates being in the army, hates carnivory, hates reproduction, and hates the entire universe. (You can check the posts that he has started to see that I’m not exaggerating.) It really gives a sense of comfort to know someone like that is being trained to use military weapons…

Oh, now I remember this guy. I only had a few interactions with him, I think, but one was fairly positive. I seem to recall I complimented him on his writing ability. But the malevolent God thing is more like a random thought than anything remotely serious. GD is for witnessing, though, so he’s in the right place!

His thread is really sad and I’d be depressed to, if I thought the world was that bad, and God was, too.

That’d be the worst… you realize that you believe in God, but then you realize that he’s a dick, and hates your guts.

(Hmmm, did I just psychoanalyze Martin Luther?)