Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread

If you bring the right coupon they do. :smiley:

You think it’s foam do you?

I never even knew those statistics existed!

So, I’m at 0.98 per day? That seems like a challenge to me!

(How hard can it be to make it to one/day? Heck, this is my second today!)

You signed up 5487 days ago. You’re 121 posts behind an exact 1.00.

I read it for other people’s replies which are pretty entertaining. It also makes me laugh when he tries to be a legitimate poster in other threads. I just scroll.

Make that 120. :wink:

The hard part is that to get from here to 2.0 you need to make 5,607 posts today. Posting 10 per day every single day you’ll need very roughly 20 months to get to 2.0 per day.

Time to roll up those sleeves, trim those nails, put away the TV remote, and get crackin’ :slight_smile:

Sleep is over-rated, that should free up some time for typing.

5,607 posts???

I doubt there are 5607 subjects I even have any sort of opinion about.:frowning:

Try singing this song to a familiar 1980s tune: “There must be 5607 ways to lose your President.” I’m sure you can come up with enough verses. :slight_smile:

I’d rather go with the 1975 hit “5607 Ways to Leave Your President.”

You know, with 81,000 posts, he’s probably personally responsible for the death of at least a dozen hamsters.

I think of the time spent composing posts when I’m on my phone, especially inserting URL links, occasionally having the stupid thing delete the text and having to start over again. Only sheer stubbornness allows me to make a decently-formatted post in a sub-optimal tiny touchscreen environment.

I’ll never think about the stock market the same way again…

I think the longest I ever spent on a post is six hours. I have the same problem with fiction, an obsession with getting everything exactly right that consumes my mind and eats my time. I also have ADHD, so I become like a writing-editing ouroboros. And the longest posts I usually give up on because they are too emotional and I realize I’m just stuck in a mental rut trying to fulfill a need that can’t be met by internet posting. A good portion of my life, every day, is sucked into an internet time vortex and I barely notice until the time is gone. I thought I was of poor character, but now that I’ve been diagnosed with Inattentive type ADHD it all makes perfect sense. That final puzzle piece is in place, and if I could just remember to take my medication…

Yet I can crank out grants at double speed. It must be the deadline that inspires me. (read: anxiety.) I fall apart without time pressure.

The crappy phone app situation is liberating in a way. I haven’t a prayer of getting it right so I don’t fuss as much.

And since we’re in the Pit, fuck Tapatalk.

Have we already discussed the number of posts that get written, edited, re-written, and so on, and then deleted? I’m sure I delete half or more of my posts without ever sharing them. It’s harder to get to that post count than we have allocated for.

I wish I deleted more often than not. I would call that progress.

That’s the song I was referring to. 1975 eh? I didn’t think it was quite *that *much of a moldy oldie.

Besides, I don’t want to leave him. I want him to leave us!

I have a personal limit of ~3 sentences and no links on my phone. Any more is just stupid headbanging addiction-feeding. Better to read 20 threads than make one post on a phone.

How do you figure? 500 posts ago for me was Dec 5th, now 27 days ago. 500/27 = 18.5 per day. :eek:

Broken tool.