Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread

I never post anything unnecessary.

Sometimes just writing it down can help with that; forcing your thoughts into coherency enough to get them down on paper (or the screen) helps you focus on what you really mean (or feel). Whether anyone else reads them is secondary.

When we had to put a dog down a year ago I wrote an email to a vet-tech animal lover friend of mine about it. Unfortunately, I had sent it to a rarely-checked alternate address. Three months later she replied, apologizing profusely. I told her it was okay, “it was writing the post that was important, not any reply it might engender.”

We all need to put more whelm in our posts least they be underwhelming. Of course, I mean the noun whelm, not the verb whelm. But I know you knew that.

Ooh, I’ve been mentioned in this thread.

Should I be flattered or offended?


Is that a typo? You answered “yes” to an “or” question.

He was correct. The answer is yes.

more hero worship from the turdGuy.

RE: the shagnutzy thread.

Goddamn MDY!

And I’m sorry for having essentially trolled all statistic nerds and derailed the troll thread! (For some definitions of troll.)

You didn’t derail this. I’m sure about that.

Because this thread is such a paragon of reasoned and focused discourse.

Wow, girl mods are way smarter than guy mods. That post proves it.

ShagCarpet now has a fan club? Eiccssh…

First-time poster asking for advice about impotence, or as he puts it, “my willy does not work properly anymore”. So you’ve had a medical issue for half a decade and seen multiple physicians about it but have not found a solution. So what would you do now? How about post to a general-interest internet message board about your issues? Sounds completely legitimate to me.

What is up with SeniorCitizen007?

Apparently, if males are ever asked about what their mind is,

What a hateful, sexist little person. Fortunately, it looks like the responders did not play along.

Who asks someone " what is your mind?"

I’m inclined to agree with the drunk old fool that in his particular case it happens to be true.

Sheer desperation? It seems plausible to me.

Perhaps. I’m still skeptical. For one thing, anytime a family member or I have an ongoing medical issue, we get really familiar with the correct medical terminology and are able to talk about it in more grown-up language than “my willy is broken”.

Sock-o-cock is trock.