Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread

Now, now, threads like that have great entertainment value. The OP expressed concern that he had damaged his DNA, which Sicks Ate identified as meaning “dick/nuts area”. That has to be a classic.

I keep checking that thread, really hoping the two of them get into a pissing contest about who’s the most horrible human being (S’nasty has devolved into bragging about how shallow he is).

The language was also what made me lean troll. Though I also tend to think people so desperate to ask us about medical problems (and not, say, a medical website) are already doubtful.

Watch out for those 4K TVs. Who spends $4,000 on a TV these days!!??

I hope to hell that’s a real acronym.

Ok, valid point. I’m gullible.

Well, of course it is. You know, just like that “perplexing minge stuff”.

You can. Here’s an interesting one for $20,000. And this one for a tad more.

Personally, I wonder how many people bought the first 42 inch flat panels when they were $15,000.

I remember seeing the first ones that were $15,000 and IIRC, they were 30". Made by Philips.

Nope, it was 42. (At that price, they were not the answer to life, the universe, and everything.)

Well, I got the Philips part right!

I remember when Plasma TVs were bleeding edge, and went for $15k (which was the price of a really nice car back then).
Had a friend who wouldn’t listen to his more budget-conscious friends and sunk a lot of his savings into his “up and coming tech” home theater system.

**t a n g e n t : ** That friend guessed wrong on every technology: he bad-mouthed VHS tapes and spent a lot on a top-end Betamax player and tons of Beta movies, passed on DVDs and bought over a hundred LaserDisks, and even sneered at Blu-Rays as he stocked up on the red-packaged HD-DVDs instead.

All of the above are unwatchable, except on his vintage machines, which have cost a fortune to keep working.

All of those are valid boners except for the LaserDisc one. LaserDisc predated DVD by 20 years–a bit long to wait for a competitor tech to show up. The real losing competition to LaserDisc was RCA SelectaVision (which is what I bugged my family into buying, instead of LaserDisc or VHS.)

I’m so sorry. Hope they still trust your judgement.

Did you buy a top-of-the-line Zune like my friend, and spend two weeks bragging about how it’ll bury the iPod? “And it comes in brown with a green coating!”

He continued to guess wrong every single time… If that’s you, can you tell us your picks for NBA games and stocks you just know are going to tank? (Oh, that friend laughed at me when I bought a few shares of AAPL at $20)…
Sorry, I usually hate tangents like this. Just biding my time til another troll shows up…

I’m mostly avoiding that thread at this point, but it’s quickly turned into one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen here. I feel like that’s saying a lot. I joined in 2007.

No, but I did have a Diamond Rio PHP-300 before the iPod came out. (I’d be able to honestly say that I’ve never owned an Apple product in my life if it wasn’t for once buying one of the old monochrome 1-piece early Macs at a flea market for $10.)

I would like to put forth Steophan as a genuine, persistent troll. He has made nearly 8% of the posts in the Controversial encounters between law-enforcement and civilians thread, all of them very intransigent on the subject of it being ok for LEOs to shoot when they feel scared.

That might be acceptable (Smapti has made more posts in a similar vein) but for the fact that the thread is almost entirely US-centric, but Steophan lives in Britain. I mean, I am not quite sure what he is getting at, or even, really, how he thinks he has a proper perspective for making those inciteful comments. Maybe he is not so much a troll per se but just an asshole.

If anyone wants the joy of being ignored by SamuelA, jump over to his Pit thread and insult him. He’s handing out ignores like Oprah, but who knows how long this boon will last.

Bear in mind that being ignored by SamuelA doesn’t mean what you think it means. It means that he gets to say “you just Pitted yourself”, when he responds to your post after he ignores you. You do get the ineffable pleasure of watching him making a complete ass of himself.

Yeah, the fuckferret ignored me. :slight_smile:

B-Rad starts a thread about ga-hosts, gets snippy when people don’t take it seriously.