omniscientnot's demise - Part Deux

Well, in the end, it actually boiled down to a few choices. Of course, I could have kept the handle intact, as several of you have suggested. But that would have run at cross purposes of the initial thread’s intent.

So, after due deliberation, I have decided to discard the runners-up imnotomni (nice alliterative-quasi palindromic quality) and The Great Pumpkin (less pompousness combined with deceptively insouciant innocence) and to opt for the more familiar (albeit admittedly more “bland”) omni-not. I guess I will have to live with this momentous decision for the rest of my life and assume the heavy burden of perpetuating omniscientnot’s memory.

Many thanks to the regulars and newbies for their input. The response was greatly appreciated and went beyond my expectations.
P.S.: Merry Xmas, Omniscient!
PP.S.: Durnovarianus: I guess “Ralph” is yours for the asking…Just check with Stoidela first: she might have copyrighted it in the meantime. (Could be that “putrid” has his/her eyes on it too, which would be understandable)

Durno: I meant “Brad”, not “Ralph”. Sorry.

Well, at least you didn’t select one of the infamous “unregistered” user names. But then again maybe they are no longer available. It appears someone here has sucked up those guys; to what end I have no idea.

Anyway, I like the continuity. Good choice.

Dopeler effect:
The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

I’m going to miss you, Omnoscientnot, but I look forward to omni-not’s debut.
You realize of course, that there will be the inevitable comparisons between the two personas.

Which one is more clever? Wittier? More interesting?

It’s got GD written all over it.

This space for rent.